Sunday, September 07, 2008

Future of Gatherings in the UK

Hey everyone

Now while I was in Bristol I sort of thought of the future of gatherings which to some may find wierd but it is true.

Now I was thinking that Bristol was an original location to a gathering I think original locations are a good idea. Now during the period between May and now 7th of September there were so many UK Gatherings that I have lost touch in how many I went to in general. I know I have been to five London ones during that period whether it was small meet-up like back in June at the Science Museum or offical gatherings like David and Vlog In The Park plus I had been to Youstage a week ago and Bristol yesterday. Now with Youstage it was an original idea with a 3 day trip in Sudbury Suffolk with everyone camping out which was a cool idea if I was younger but I was getting a bit old for some of the stuff they did but hey it was a brillant time when I went for only one day but I heard it was a success and some saying it was the best gathering they went too, to some people this may become a shock but it wasnt the best gathering I went to but it is up there in my top 10 of gatherings.

Now with Bristol I got to give Jake a lot of credit, he was one of the first people to get sick and tired of London gatherings in general and that the Westcountry has never had a gathering. So Bristol was set and I looked to forward it and glad I went because it was the most fun I had in a long time, seriously though. OK there was another London gathering yesterday which made me blooming heck, London is getting old fast on gatherings seriously, I dont mind going up to London for day trips but not gatherings lately which is a shame.

Now I know of some of you are thinking "Barry why are you attacking gatherings in general?" I love gatherings dont get me wrong but some of them are too frequent like every 2 weeks but its my own fault as well for going to them because I like to see some of the friends I made off Youtube or Internet community and also meet new people which I did every gathering I had been to over the 4 month period of heavy gatherings which is surprising but amazing. Well the good thing is all yesterday there aint a gathering I heard until the end of October/Beginning of November which is good news because I need to get back to Reality a bit to be honest.

OK Heres a list of what the future of gatherings should be

1) Original Locations - like Birmingham, Wales, Cornwall, North East of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic Of Ireland and other places that I cant remember at the moment.
2) London Gatherings need to stop for a 6 month period (I know I know that some of you are thinking Barry WHY?) London has been overused and the only way I would go to a London gathering is for two things A) A new twist is added like a birthday thing or christmas thing that has never been done before and B) Somewhere that is different in London like Greenwich or somewhere in London that hasn't been explored like a new museum or a park we aint been to YEAH.
3) This one some of my youtube friends are going to hate but I think gatherings should be less frequent (I know some of you have gotten close to people on the Internet because you have created such strong bonds with people), with them begin less frequent it becomes a real special moment when we come and give each other hugs, kisses and handshakes to people. So gatherings every week is not a good idea or even every two weeks is a good idea but at least once a month is a good idea to do gatherings in my opinion or even better three months at a time but at least only once a month for a gathering.
4) I think there should be more gatherings again in places like Manchester and Bristol plus I dont think one day is enough, it should be a two day for them places.

OK some of you may think it is wrong for me to have an opinion on this issue but I felt it was the right thing to talk about because I am a bit concerned that gatherings are getting watered down with the same locations, same things being done and they always like every 2 weeks or something.

So I think the future of gatherings need new innovations and ideas that would help the future.

Leave a comment on what you think, I prefer a comment but if you want to e-mail me you can at

OK for anyone wondering that have not read my Bristol Gathering (Aftermath) entry I DID ENJOY IT YESTERDAY so read the previous entry if you havent already.

OK Got to go and will come back with another entry later on.



Dave said...

Firstly I would say what does it matter where it's held? I agree it's good to spread them out, but as long as people can get there and be together it really isn't that important.

As far as them being too frequent; don't go to them all. Problem solved.

Eddplant said...

I agree with you on a variety of locations, Barry, but I think the frequency of "gatherings" is debatable. Official YouTube Gatherings aren't all that often, I don't think, it's mostly become friends meeting up in places they know. I don't know

And never think you don't deserve to have an opinion about something! Everybody has that right.