Monday, September 08, 2008

The End Of Day - Bristol Gathering Videos

Well nothing much to talk about accept a couple of Bristol Gatherings I really like that I saw today. They were from JacobDyerMedia and NSG.

JacobDyerMedia's video had some great laughs in it. Including me acting a fool at certain points plus some phone call moments where the camera was held near Jake's phone to help me get around Bristol, which I had the shittiest map ever.

The Second video from NSG I really like so much, it expresses so much passion where it is very well edited from NSG with a new song performed by him called "Dreams" which is an awesome track as well. I have put this video as my autoplay on my channel.

Oh yeah I have forgotten to watch Transformers today but I will do but not until tomorrow evening because Im seeing my friend Arron which should be awesome Yeah.

Night everyone have sweet dreams.

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