Monday, September 01, 2008

Youstage - Just Remembered Stuff

OK on my entry Youstage + Trock (Gatherings) I received this comment from a few angry people "OK so this is john, chris, liam, sinead and dave and we're appalled that we didn't get a mention in this blog."

Now I feel a bit bad not mentioning them but in my defense 1) I cant remember every single thing that happened which my mind is going and 2) If you are going to write a blog about the whole day DONT DO IT WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, thats what happened, when I wrote it. There was stuff I couldn't remember from the Trock Online gathering as well

But good news thanks to that comment it reminded of other things that happened at Youstage so I only just remembered them.

1) I got a nice hello from John Cox and Ginger Chris
2) I got a rugby tackle hello from Liam and Dave from Blue Skies. Tom Milsom wanted to join in for fun and nearly punched me in the mouth but he said sorry.
3) I saw Sinead and didn't get to say hello which made me feel bad, so Sinead you can get your own back on me next gathering
4) I played Football with Benjy showing off some skills but not too much.
5) Jessica told me she was MrsBAldridge youtube account.
6) Myles wanted to do a reactment of my Ukele dream plus extra which never happened.
7) I saw Metallicamatt once I woke up from the Hammock
8) I told Liam and Ed that Hammocks are great and awesome.
9) Lucy, Dave from Blue Skies and Mhazz were also worried about me when I disappeared in the Hammock for 2 hours.
10) On The Way before getting the train from Sudbury to Marks Tey. James and Myself watched an episode of Black Books Series 2 whilst waiting for our train from the nice van driver who had a dvd player in her van.



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