Thursday, September 11, 2008

11th September (A Day I Can Remember) and New Video Looking at Doctor Who and Another Barry Aldridge Asks

Hello everyone

Its been 7 years since the Twin Towers have been knocked out which is shocking to think that one of the worlds disasters happened on this day 7 years ago. I sometimes think if there was a conspirancy behind this or was this a geniune terrorist but I think it is something we will never know what really happened on that day and before.

OK Good News is that I got a brand new video involving looking at Doctor Who History again this time looking at the story (Genesis Of The Daleks) starring Tom Baker plus I did a Barry Aldridge Asks (3)

Now I decided to use the Vlogbrother style of doing more than one part videos. Also The Black & White mixed in colour within the video was inspired by the Five Awesome Guys when Alan and Johnny do when it came to their days of doing videos on the channel.

OK Thats it for this morning, will do another entry later with a look at Rocknrolla film which I loved seeing yesterday.


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