Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 4)

OK Right part 4, I had finished watching the April Vlogbrother (Brotherhood 2.0) videos, I think it is going really well. I am going to do the May and June ones probably tomorrow evening because during the day I will be with my mate Arron in Brighton hopefully going to see Pineapple Express in the cinema which I heard it is a corker of a film.

Right speaking about Vlogbrothers again, while I was in their BlogTV Chat tonight, Katrina (Walllofweird) found this article which to everyone in the room found really funny. It is a mix of Vlogbrothers/Doctor Who with the Shakesphere code.

The Journey To Awesome

Love it and I heard Katrina can find some brillant articles over the net, so if I go to another vlogbrother chat room and hopefully Katrina will be there and she will deliver some more goods.

OK I was speaking to my cousin Joe and he told me he liked some of the youtubers who I have actually have met. The tubers he likes at the moment are Mhazz (omgmhazzrocks) and Dave (Musicfromblueskies) as he likes their music which is super special awesome. YES

Im off to bed now

Whoa four entries in one day, amazing.


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