Friday, August 28, 2009

The Summer is near an end.

Hey guys

I thought I'll do a blog today talking about this summer. I have to say I am really enjoyed the summer as I have travelled a lot more. So it is either to going to meet people from the Internet, going to conventions/events or going to the West Country for an odd day.

Now Summer has been the best in many years. I normally dont like summer because of the weather getting far too warm and at times it can be humid. I prefer Spring or Winter to Summer as Spring has some breath of fresh air conditions and winter as I like the cold weather.

I know I wouldnt experience a summer like this ever again. Its wierd I had more money last year and did less travelling but this year I have done more travelling with less money, strange how my life works.

OK The second day of Birdman was really fun and I enjoyed seeing the charity ones.

I have uploaded the Diary entries onto Youtube and had some brilliant feedback.

Now I put them as a video response to the Worthing Herald coverage of the event and I got a nice Youtube PM saying they liked it which was awesome.

Then I send them to the Worthing Birdman Twitter people and they loved it and decided to post the links in their Gallery 2009 page on their main website which was brilliant and feel glad about that.

Here's a couple of links from the event covered by the BBC

Crowds Flock To Birdman Contest

Birdman 'Cheated' of £30,000 Win

Now in the second link. One of flyers Steve Elkins said he was cheated in the £30,000 as he thought he got to 100 meter mark but I had a look of the replay when shown on TV that was short of the 100 meter just. I will admit he should get something out of it and I hope so.

I am really going to be missing this summer once the 5th of September is over. I got a trip to London tomorrow and then the next week going to Bristol which should be good. I will be taking my camera for both London and Bristol to do some filming which should be fun.

After the 5th Im taking a travelling rest as I have travelled a lot over the last few weeks especially each saturday apart from the 11th of July when it was raining and wanted to save some money for the London Film & Comic Convention the following Saturday.

The summer has been great this year, I will miss it for a number of reasons and I know the winter will be great as well.

If your going to be in London tomorrow I will see you then



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life (Real or Internet) Goes On (Mixed Thoughts) & Day 1 Of Worthing Birdman

Hey Guys

I was thinking about the last week over a course of time. Now this week has been a shocking within Youtube. Now on Tuesday Morning GMT I found out via E-Mail that Lamarr (WilsonTech1) has closed his Youtube account via Personal reasons which I can understand completely.

Yesterday I found that Benjy (DoctorBenjy) has decided to leave as well well read his blog post to find out "Lets have a little chat"

I feel sad about these events but I really respect their decisions if they want to move on whatever reason. I agree with Benjy that Number of subscribers isn't important at all as I have been saying this since 2008. I wish Benjy nothing but the best in the future what ever he does and I hope I can contact him at some point. He is one of my favourite people on the Internet.

Then I was just reading BillTVMacon's blog post which came out eariler today - People Leaving Youtube Now Bill has always had something really good to say and I agree and always have done that Youtube should be a fun experience and not let the sub count and view count affect you at all. So I will keep doing the videos until I feel that Im not having fun with the videos. I know it can upset people when you have a high number of subscribers but feel your view count is down a lot but then you turn it into a job and it aint fun no more.

I had a good time at Worthing today for the first day of the Birdman Event I only stayed for an hour and it was fun then went swimming to Worthing Leisure Centre and it was good. Looking forward to the second day of the Birdman event.

I do respect anyone if they want to stay or go from anything as its their own decision. As the title says Life Goes On.

Got to go and edit the first day of the video then go film for the second day tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone.


EDIT (22/8/2009) - I have put one of DoctorBenjy's videos as my autoplay for the next couple days. His videos are still on Youtube but isnt visible on his channel.

I put this video as my autoplay to show respect to DoctorBenjy

Have a great one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vlog Update (18th August)

Hey guys this is video is basically to explain what happened to me recently and including some bits that I have blogged about before.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bath Spa Is Heaven, Whats Killing The News?

Hey Guys

Im back home after my day out yesterday which I forgot to bring the camera. Anyway it turned out my visit to Bath Spa was one of the best things I have done this year.

The place is brilliant, well I did have train journeys going there and back which were hell but I forgot about them when I was in Bath.

When I got to Bath I was able to have a look around some of the shops which I found a Subway shop which was the cheapest and had the best 6 inch sub Chicken Breast sandwich I ever had. It was unbelieveable. My day got even better, I even saw the guy who does the flaming torches by Bath Abbey.

I also went to Parade Gardens which looked really awesome. I went to the Bath Cricket Ground for a match going with Weston Super Mare which Bath won in the end.

I went to Victoria Art Gallery which had some amazing art and I went to the circus which are a load of houses which were really cool. Brilliant paintings from 1800s to the present day and in their original condition which is more amazing.

I had fun yesterday and I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Straight to the point.

Thanks to everyone who recommended me Bath Spa as a place to go.

OK before I went to Bath I watched a video from a Youtube Channel called TheResident and did a video called "What's Killing the News"

Now I believe this video to be true to that is killing the news with

1) The 24 Hour News channels
2) Coming out with stories that are nothing but bullshit

I also believe that the news is getting killing that there is a lot of negative stories. Now I know it is important to find out tragedy within the media but to me there was far too much and frequently as well.

Also I was watching a video today from Robert Lwellleyn you know as Kryten on Red Dwarf and he was talking about magazines being full of crap which I agree with and I have never read a news/showbiz in years because they are nothing but full of crap.

Rob's video shows proof that Journalists do lie for their stories. I never like the showbiz magazines

I rather not go on talking about News and Politics. It gets me down. I would talk if it was something really important that could affect the world.

OK Guys thats it for now

Bye for now



Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Final Face 2 Face of Series 1 + Why I ain't Blog As Much

Hey guys

Hows it going? Hope you are good?


Yep I have finished the first series of Face 2 Face Interviews with my bang and the guest was ME.

Now I wanted BillTVMacon to conduct the interview for the finale since after putting up the second episode with DoctorBenjy. I felt the first series needed to go out with a bang. I had no idea what questions he was going to send me. Bill send me the questions before I started to work on Billilovesmargot interview so I was able to work on another one if I wanted to but I wanted to wait for Billi's and thats why it took some time.

Anyway I loved doing this and it reminded me of what I first started to do on Youtube just talk about myself. Which is great and makes it interesting. So far I have had positive feedback from the interview. I knew that Bill did radio in the past and felt he was the best guy to do the interview.

Now I felt I had to pull out a lot and felt proud by the end like I said I had a lot of positive feedback which is great.

Why I Ain't Blogged As Much

The reason I havent blogged that much lately is because nothing interesting has happened apart from the same old playing computer games which I played Prototype for the first time.

I feel the game I have played for 30 minutes I feel isnt as good as Infamous which people made comparisions to but they are two completely different games which the superhero theme but they are different which in Infamous you have a choice of being a good guy or bad guy to find out why you were send to drop a bomb while with the Prototype your character is already dead and brought back to life to deal with the killers. The superheroes are different too so stop making comparisions.

The graphics are really cool in Prototype but loses touches a bit after a while. Im going to play Ghostbusters soon after finishing watching Angel Season 2.

Speaking about Angel, It is a much better series than I first expected. A lot more darker than Buffy but I think its the key to its success. At certain points it is better than Buffy on some scripts. I have watched some of Series 5 early because it has Spike as a main character and it brings a lot of humour.

So excited about Saturday going somewhere new which is Bath Spa. Some people are sick of me mentioning it but to me this is a BIG DEAL to go somewhere new. I love new places to go. I saw a few videos about Bath Spa that made me interested.

Heres an extra video from The VisitBath Youtube Channel

City Of Bath Video

I will do an entry when I get back from Bath on Saturday.

Anyway take it easy guys

Catch ya next time.


EDIT (6/8/09 5:30pm GMT) - I was reading AlanDistro's Blog and I noticed this eariler on Youtube I couldnt believe it PLEASE READ AND SPREAD THE WORD - How Youtube Is Hiding The Videos You Want To See

Im in shock with Youtube at the moment, its a good thing Im taking a break from video making for a bit.

EDIT (7/8/09 7:30am GMT) - Alan has removed his blog post because Youtube are now fixing the problem with the subscription box.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Summer In The City = Go, Travelling More and Buffy Round Up Review

Hey Guys

Just a short blog today to tell you some good news.

1) People have been waiting for an answer about me going to Summer In The City. Now some people thought I was playing hard to get but I wasnt because I wasnt so sure whether to come down to money issues which could be a problem but lucky though my mate (Arron) who I saw yesterday and normally go on trips with he mentioned that he was going to Summer In The City and I thought Brilliant, so good news is that I AM COMING.

But like I said Its the Saturday between 12pm - 6pm. After 6 I think my mate and myself will be going around just for fun.

So to sum up YES IM COMING.

2) Speaking about travelling, while I was up seeing my mate Arron over this weekend, it made me think about going to other places to see the country a bit more. I was thinking of making a day trip to the Westcountry again during this month. I was thinking of going to Bath Spa later on because quite a few people have recommended it to me as a good place to go. So a week before Summer In The City I may do some travelling to the Westcountry to use up my Young Persons Railcard before it runs out in September.

I just need somewhere new to go to. I will probably book the tickets to go within a couple of days.


3) Buffy Round-Up I cant do a proper review look at all the seasons it would take too long but anyway here's a round-up instead

Season 1 - 3/5 - Good opener had a couple of good stories, nice ending to the series
Season 2 - 5/5 - Angel is the best villian ever in the Buffy World with Spike & Drusilla made it even more memorable. It had fantastic emotional storylines and Joss Whedon comes out on top form.
Season 3 - 4.5/5 - Faith & Mayor were great villians and great storylines in there but the final episode was a huge let down being too hollywood in my opinion.
Season 4 - 2/5 - Worst series ever but the reason it got 2/5 is because of the episode Hush what an episode. The Adam Half Human and Half Demon is worst villian ever.
Season 5 - 4.5/5 - Glory is the 2nd best villian and the series went back to having great storylines and Spike's humour was great but the way that Glory went out was also a huge let down.
Season 6 - 3/5 - This season has the best in Character Development and has got the best Buffy episode ever "Once More With Feeling" but I felt the Bad Willow villian wasnt really a good idea at the end. It did have some really good emotion at parts.
Season 7 - 3/5 - Tried too hard to be like Season 2 and Season 5 but it had some really good parts with the Preacher Caleb being awesome and Spike being a hero was excellent.

Overall Buffy Gets a 4 out of 5 even though I pretend not to mention about Season 4 but Season 2 is the one to watch on everything you want for the show.

Right thats it for now. Have a great week everyone.


EDIT (3/8/2009) - I am going to Bath which should be exciting but I am going on the 8th not the 22th of this month.