Friday, August 28, 2009

The Summer is near an end.

Hey guys

I thought I'll do a blog today talking about this summer. I have to say I am really enjoyed the summer as I have travelled a lot more. So it is either to going to meet people from the Internet, going to conventions/events or going to the West Country for an odd day.

Now Summer has been the best in many years. I normally dont like summer because of the weather getting far too warm and at times it can be humid. I prefer Spring or Winter to Summer as Spring has some breath of fresh air conditions and winter as I like the cold weather.

I know I wouldnt experience a summer like this ever again. Its wierd I had more money last year and did less travelling but this year I have done more travelling with less money, strange how my life works.

OK The second day of Birdman was really fun and I enjoyed seeing the charity ones.

I have uploaded the Diary entries onto Youtube and had some brilliant feedback.

Now I put them as a video response to the Worthing Herald coverage of the event and I got a nice Youtube PM saying they liked it which was awesome.

Then I send them to the Worthing Birdman Twitter people and they loved it and decided to post the links in their Gallery 2009 page on their main website which was brilliant and feel glad about that.

Here's a couple of links from the event covered by the BBC

Crowds Flock To Birdman Contest

Birdman 'Cheated' of £30,000 Win

Now in the second link. One of flyers Steve Elkins said he was cheated in the £30,000 as he thought he got to 100 meter mark but I had a look of the replay when shown on TV that was short of the 100 meter just. I will admit he should get something out of it and I hope so.

I am really going to be missing this summer once the 5th of September is over. I got a trip to London tomorrow and then the next week going to Bristol which should be good. I will be taking my camera for both London and Bristol to do some filming which should be fun.

After the 5th Im taking a travelling rest as I have travelled a lot over the last few weeks especially each saturday apart from the 11th of July when it was raining and wanted to save some money for the London Film & Comic Convention the following Saturday.

The summer has been great this year, I will miss it for a number of reasons and I know the winter will be great as well.

If your going to be in London tomorrow I will see you then




Bill said...

Who better to travel than you since we all benefit from your generous YouTube videos. It's almost like being there. Thank you!

Gary + Cheeky said...

It HAS been a great summer, and what better way to end it than two big youtube gatherings eh? x x x