Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bath Spa Is Heaven, Whats Killing The News?

Hey Guys

Im back home after my day out yesterday which I forgot to bring the camera. Anyway it turned out my visit to Bath Spa was one of the best things I have done this year.

The place is brilliant, well I did have train journeys going there and back which were hell but I forgot about them when I was in Bath.

When I got to Bath I was able to have a look around some of the shops which I found a Subway shop which was the cheapest and had the best 6 inch sub Chicken Breast sandwich I ever had. It was unbelieveable. My day got even better, I even saw the guy who does the flaming torches by Bath Abbey.

I also went to Parade Gardens which looked really awesome. I went to the Bath Cricket Ground for a match going with Weston Super Mare which Bath won in the end.

I went to Victoria Art Gallery which had some amazing art and I went to the circus which are a load of houses which were really cool. Brilliant paintings from 1800s to the present day and in their original condition which is more amazing.

I had fun yesterday and I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Straight to the point.

Thanks to everyone who recommended me Bath Spa as a place to go.

OK before I went to Bath I watched a video from a Youtube Channel called TheResident and did a video called "What's Killing the News"

Now I believe this video to be true to that is killing the news with

1) The 24 Hour News channels
2) Coming out with stories that are nothing but bullshit

I also believe that the news is getting killing that there is a lot of negative stories. Now I know it is important to find out tragedy within the media but to me there was far too much and frequently as well.

Also I was watching a video today from Robert Lwellleyn you know as Kryten on Red Dwarf and he was talking about magazines being full of crap which I agree with and I have never read a news/showbiz in years because they are nothing but full of crap.

Rob's video shows proof that Journalists do lie for their stories. I never like the showbiz magazines

I rather not go on talking about News and Politics. It gets me down. I would talk if it was something really important that could affect the world.

OK Guys thats it for now

Bye for now




Wyatthaplo said...

#Bath sounds cool. Two very interesting videos you linked here.

I agree with both of them.

el director! said...

Good to hear you had a great time in Bath. Robert Llewellyn is a legend, and it was interesting to hear what he had to say.