Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life (Real or Internet) Goes On (Mixed Thoughts) & Day 1 Of Worthing Birdman

Hey Guys

I was thinking about the last week over a course of time. Now this week has been a shocking within Youtube. Now on Tuesday Morning GMT I found out via E-Mail that Lamarr (WilsonTech1) has closed his Youtube account via Personal reasons which I can understand completely.

Yesterday I found that Benjy (DoctorBenjy) has decided to leave as well well read his blog post to find out "Lets have a little chat"

I feel sad about these events but I really respect their decisions if they want to move on whatever reason. I agree with Benjy that Number of subscribers isn't important at all as I have been saying this since 2008. I wish Benjy nothing but the best in the future what ever he does and I hope I can contact him at some point. He is one of my favourite people on the Internet.

Then I was just reading BillTVMacon's blog post which came out eariler today - People Leaving Youtube Now Bill has always had something really good to say and I agree and always have done that Youtube should be a fun experience and not let the sub count and view count affect you at all. So I will keep doing the videos until I feel that Im not having fun with the videos. I know it can upset people when you have a high number of subscribers but feel your view count is down a lot but then you turn it into a job and it aint fun no more.

I had a good time at Worthing today for the first day of the Birdman Event I only stayed for an hour and it was fun then went swimming to Worthing Leisure Centre and it was good. Looking forward to the second day of the Birdman event.

I do respect anyone if they want to stay or go from anything as its their own decision. As the title says Life Goes On.

Got to go and edit the first day of the video then go film for the second day tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone.


EDIT (22/8/2009) - I have put one of DoctorBenjy's videos as my autoplay for the next couple days. His videos are still on Youtube but isnt visible on his channel.

I put this video as my autoplay to show respect to DoctorBenjy

Have a great one.


Wyatthaplo said...

Seems like a trend is coming on youtube.

el director! said...

youtube, the whole internet goes in swings and roundabouts. just one of those things.