Sunday, August 02, 2009

Summer In The City = Go, Travelling More and Buffy Round Up Review

Hey Guys

Just a short blog today to tell you some good news.

1) People have been waiting for an answer about me going to Summer In The City. Now some people thought I was playing hard to get but I wasnt because I wasnt so sure whether to come down to money issues which could be a problem but lucky though my mate (Arron) who I saw yesterday and normally go on trips with he mentioned that he was going to Summer In The City and I thought Brilliant, so good news is that I AM COMING.

But like I said Its the Saturday between 12pm - 6pm. After 6 I think my mate and myself will be going around just for fun.

So to sum up YES IM COMING.

2) Speaking about travelling, while I was up seeing my mate Arron over this weekend, it made me think about going to other places to see the country a bit more. I was thinking of making a day trip to the Westcountry again during this month. I was thinking of going to Bath Spa later on because quite a few people have recommended it to me as a good place to go. So a week before Summer In The City I may do some travelling to the Westcountry to use up my Young Persons Railcard before it runs out in September.

I just need somewhere new to go to. I will probably book the tickets to go within a couple of days.


3) Buffy Round-Up I cant do a proper review look at all the seasons it would take too long but anyway here's a round-up instead

Season 1 - 3/5 - Good opener had a couple of good stories, nice ending to the series
Season 2 - 5/5 - Angel is the best villian ever in the Buffy World with Spike & Drusilla made it even more memorable. It had fantastic emotional storylines and Joss Whedon comes out on top form.
Season 3 - 4.5/5 - Faith & Mayor were great villians and great storylines in there but the final episode was a huge let down being too hollywood in my opinion.
Season 4 - 2/5 - Worst series ever but the reason it got 2/5 is because of the episode Hush what an episode. The Adam Half Human and Half Demon is worst villian ever.
Season 5 - 4.5/5 - Glory is the 2nd best villian and the series went back to having great storylines and Spike's humour was great but the way that Glory went out was also a huge let down.
Season 6 - 3/5 - This season has the best in Character Development and has got the best Buffy episode ever "Once More With Feeling" but I felt the Bad Willow villian wasnt really a good idea at the end. It did have some really good emotion at parts.
Season 7 - 3/5 - Tried too hard to be like Season 2 and Season 5 but it had some really good parts with the Preacher Caleb being awesome and Spike being a hero was excellent.

Overall Buffy Gets a 4 out of 5 even though I pretend not to mention about Season 4 but Season 2 is the one to watch on everything you want for the show.

Right thats it for now. Have a great week everyone.


EDIT (3/8/2009) - I am going to Bath which should be exciting but I am going on the 8th not the 22th of this month.

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