Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buffy (First Opinions on Series 1,2,3 & 4), The Mini Gathering and New Face 2 Face

Hey Everyone

How is it is with everyone?

OK I got a lot to cover today so this is going to be one really long blog entry today.

This is going to be divived into three parts

1) Buffy So Far
2) Mini Gathering I went to yesterday organised by ResidentMikeLee
3) New Face 2 Face Interview with BilliLovesMargot

OK First of all Buffy. I have gotten back into Buffy on Monday which I have mentioned and its a treat watching the series again from scratch. Now with any series you have to have a close look into the story, character and see if there is any humour that helps the show.

Now with the first series of any show it starts off with building blocks and it has to grow and Buffy is no acception to that rule. Buffy has to deal with the Master as the big bad and he seems really cool but not the best villian on the show. It has a good structure to it. For a series it was good start but not compared to Series 2.

Series 2 was ten times better than the first series, it introduced Spike & Drusallia a brilliant couple. It had a lot more emotion than the first series. It was a lot more fun to watch plus Angel to Angelius (The Big Bad for Series 2) was brilliantly done. I thought Angel being the top villian along side Spike & Dru was perfect. David Borenaz is so much better in a bad guy role than a good guy role. The ending for series was so heart breaking and Joss Whedon wrote an excellent script for it. Brilliant Series 2.

Series 3 was great that the Mayor and Faith are working together to deal with Sunnydale which a great story but the ending of the series was a huge let down in general. The Mayor being the giant monster was the real let down and the explosion which killed him was too Hollywood, I understand that being used in films but Buffy series a bit too much.

Now Series 4 Im half way through and so far its the worst series and its not that bad as I first watched it years ago. It is going growing on me Series 4. The Humour is really good but the baddies and The Intivate who I think are the big bad for the series is even worst than the Mayor being a villian. I just finished watching the episode Hush and what a great episode, everything was right in that episode which others in the series have failed.

So overall its a great show still years after it has finished. Series 2 is still my favourite series and Series 4 is the worst based on bad guys.

OK onto the second part of this blog - The Mini gathering held yesterday by ResidentMikeLee

Now Mike Lee is best known on Youtube for this video "POPTART" well it was the first one I ever watched of his -

Mike held the gathering at Trafagular Square yesterday at 2 o'clock. It was brilliant day and Mike Lee is really cool and friendly to chat to. First of all we were waiting for everyone to arrive and once everyone got there. I asked Mike if he had Pop Tarts which he did and nice to try one again. Mike thought it would be a great idea to climb on the Lions which proved to be a success and awesome to see. Shame I didnt film anything on the day. Would have been cool to show you the stuff. Once everyone had arrived we decided to head to Cyber Candy in Convent Garden where we found a lot of sweets and Pop Tarts for Mike.

Now Gary aka Cheeky reminded me of Jolly Rancher sweets which I dont know why they aint selling in normal shops in the UK anymore but its nice to try them again.

Once been in Cyber Candy it was decided we would go to Tracodero and Funland in particular and spent the hour there and it was really awesome. It was fun on the Bumper Cars and proved to be fun. There were loads of shooting games played and found out how Mike Lee got his username from. It was from the Resident Evil games.

Afterwards it was decided that we would chill in Hyde Park where it was going tough where it was a long walk from Leicester Square to Hyde Park where we found a bit of shade and chilled for a bit. After a bit the group thought we could go on the paddle boats but they were expensive for one person and decided not to go on them.

At the end I had to leave London/Hyde Park at 7:30pm to get back home while Mike, Petey and others were trying to climb up a tree. After a left they went to Apple Store and did the traditional apple store video -

Finally I have uploaded a new Face 2 Face Interview today with BilliLovesMargot

Billi is a great guy. He is a brilliant rapper/vlogger who has all the potential in the world to achieve his dream. I love the videos he does on Sunday which are always cool to watch. Now I wanted to do put out his interview which he send me an original clip and then my laptop broke which was a shame and had to get the clip again. Billi send me a new clip for the interview and it worked really well.

Im looking forward to see The Cool and Cool series going to be on air soon on Youtube.

Speak to you guys again soon



Bill said...

I get more great YouTube and internet news from one of your blogs than anywhere else! Thanks, Barry, for keeping informed and entertained.

el director! said...

A great youtube interview, yet again!