Monday, July 20, 2009

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The Show)

OK I have finished talking about the convention stuff and I think some of you are probably sick and tired which I dont blame you for.

Right after the fantastic weekend I had some thoughts about and I was wondering about Buffy again. I havent seen Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a few years ago, I heard about it from friends and they said it was awesome, so I checked it out and thought it was great. I started watching it from series 6 when the stories wasnt the best but they had great character development.

Then My Mum started to get all the DVDs of every series and I started to become a real fan of the show. I loved it even the musical episode in Series 6 was fantastic as well.

Im watching from series 1 at the moment when they were really young and way before the show hit its prime. I wait to watch the Spike episodes again when he first appears in series 2.

Well I just recently watched a documentary of cast 11 years after the show had finished

OK Thats it for now



Amy und Alex said...

I bought most of the seasons and got Alex hooked on it last year. Every now and then they go on sale for 20$ at future shop but we have been waiting for season 7 to do the same before buying it. I dont know what I'll do after we've watched them all again. Possibly move onto Charmed or House. We fancy those too.

Anonymous said...

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