Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Patches

Hey everyone.

Still blogging which is really good and I keep coming out with topics to talk about. Normally videos help but nowadays it is easier for me to do written entries. Now I am repeating myself.

Normally August is a very mixed month where at the beginning is totally brilliant then by the end of the month it turns into real blues, I was going to curse but I thought no way.

It feels like a curse the end of this month as something really bad happens around me that makes my summer end badly whether it was a member of the family passing away or something going wrong in my life. School had sometimes been like that for me but its down to things happening in my life.

Crazy but true. Im normally really positive when in situations but I feel like when I am work when it comes to this time of year in which I hate it. OK I wont talk about my job anymore haha, unless something really funny happens there.

Everyone in life goes through bad patches for thick or thin. Later on in a week's time I will probably laugh about this haha.

Til next time


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Hello everyone

It has been a long time since I last did a blog post talking about what's been going on? It feels like everyone is doing it as well that they dont do blog posts anymore but thats understandable as we all have lives to live and doing what is best for us.

We all wish it was either 2007 and 2008 when everyone was doing blogging but at the end its like growing up and find different things to do and some even move on but hey I have been more busy with my job, voluntary work and doing youtube videos which I am still having fun doing.

Since my last proper blog post in May, I have done a holiday in Bath and also did a gathering there which was good. I always love Bath and the West Country. Wished I live there, it could happen one day maybe when I retire.

The job at Tescos I am not enjoying all the time but still hanging on there because it helps with the rent money at home which is good.

I went to BBQ for my Voluntary which was good and met all the readers which is good.

I have been playing less video games lately but did get Tony Hawk Shred the other day and the board controller is a mixed bag at the moment and I did an unboxing the other day.

Hope to do review in a bit of time but need to play it more. I need to do lots of reviews of different games. I find doing video reviews better than written ones. When it comes to programme or film reviews I would find it easier to do written ones because there is a lot more to explain. I can do Doctor Who reviews in video but sometimes it needs a written article to help it. I may try get back into them as well.

Here is my latest Doctor Who Review

Finally I have been getting into a Thundercats marathon and I have reached half way and up to disc 13 out of 24, which amazes me indeed. Having a struggle at times but will keep going. I cant stop "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho" haha.

I will blog in a couple of days my afterthoughts of my day at Summer In The City, once I have all the interviews up.

See you guys soon