Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Patches

Hey everyone.

Still blogging which is really good and I keep coming out with topics to talk about. Normally videos help but nowadays it is easier for me to do written entries. Now I am repeating myself.

Normally August is a very mixed month where at the beginning is totally brilliant then by the end of the month it turns into real blues, I was going to curse but I thought no way.

It feels like a curse the end of this month as something really bad happens around me that makes my summer end badly whether it was a member of the family passing away or something going wrong in my life. School had sometimes been like that for me but its down to things happening in my life.

Crazy but true. Im normally really positive when in situations but I feel like when I am work when it comes to this time of year in which I hate it. OK I wont talk about my job anymore haha, unless something really funny happens there.

Everyone in life goes through bad patches for thick or thin. Later on in a week's time I will probably laugh about this haha.

Til next time


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