Sunday, July 05, 2009

Independence Day Gathering Aftermath

Hello Everyone.

Yesterday I went to the 2nd gathering out of 3 I am going to and it was back up to the London Eye for the meet up.

Now this time I didnt bring along my camera because I felt it was the same location and I wanted to chill out more and I was able to do that.

I got the 10 o'clock train from where I live and got up to London at half 11 and arrived at the London Eye by ten to 12. I met up with Alasdir (RogueBlueJay), Chris (Lomasca), StressedTechinican and a few others. A few minutes later Marlon showed up with a friend outside of Youtube and Marlon kept on with the story about meeting Bill Nighy as a surprise saying he liked Marlon's Waistjacket and it was good. Alex (AlexTheMagix) & Gary (CheekTV) arrived afterwards and the gathering was getting going now. We decided to have a chat for a bit then decided to get something to eat down by the Subway and learned about Lomasca's beef with Subway and I was surprised by it.

When we got to the grass near the London Eye, Alex and Gary were filming something for Alex's channel not Gary's. It was a nice sketch thing which I think I will make a brief appearence, I dont know for certain. Also someone called Joefrom1993 came all the way from New Zealand for the gathering Anyway Chris thought we needed to change location for a bit and suggested Camden and I knew it could be an excellent spot for the gathering finish that was around half 2 when we made a move. Tom Milson (Hexachordal) turned up and so did Becky (YourTikken) and went on the underground to Camden.

We got to Camden at 3 o'clock and we decided to head the The Camden Lock Market out by the boats and it was wonderful sight reminds me of Greenwich years ago.

Around 4 o'clock Lomasca, StressedTechincan, Myself and someone I cant remember his name decided to look around for clothing in some of the markets. Chris knew which stalls were best to go to and went around them. Chris got himself what I call a Justin Timberlake hat and StressedTechincan got a bag. When we got back from the market, we saw that Musicfromblueskies and JohnnyDurham19 arrived at the gathering. Afterwards I chilled by the Camden Lock and when it got around 6 o'clock I had to get back home and I had a KFC in Camden before heading up to Tottenham Court Road for a quick look around and went home.

The Indepdence Day Gathering yesterday was one of the most relaxed gatherings I have been to and thats how gatherings should be done. Shame I didnt bring my camera but I had a lot of fun.

Thats it for now.


EDIT - (5/7/2009 - 21:00 GMT) - There is a video of the day from KingofEnvy1990, which sums up the gathering

EDIT - (5/7/2009 - 22:30 GMT) - AlexTheMagix is up and what a winner it is, I wish I did the flick of my hair lol


Bill said...

Barry, thank you for the great account of the gathering. I hope someone posts some video so I can see everyone. If there were ever a time I wished I was in the UK, yesterday was it.

Anonymous said...

Sounded like fun Barry, I wish I lived further down south! :)