Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before The London Film & Comic Convention

Hey Guys

Im going to do a two part blog entry and this is the first part before the event on Saturday, I know its only Tuesday but I feel like telling you how I felt about the last couple of years I went to the event. In 2007 I was introduced to the convention by my mate Arron. The event is always held in Earls Court I think in the first year we went it was held in August/September and it was in the bigger venue which is Earls Court 1. Really cool event and had a lot of guests there.

I met Bill West who is the main voice of Fry/The Professor/Dr Zoidberg and Zapp Brianngan of Futurama. What a Great Guy.

I went to Last Years event in 2008 which was held in Earls Court 2 which was good but it was really small and it felt a bit unorganised that it wasnt built up well. The Guests were awesome there. I met Jason Mewes who said he finished working on Zack & Miri Make A Porno and it was cool. It was released in November and it was awesome to watch, really funny and really crude. I also met Peter Davison also known as the 5th Doctor. He was really cool to meet. I had fun at the event but I felt there was more time done for the 2007 event rather than last year's one.

Now I didnt know we were allowed to film in the convention but not at certain things which I can understand, so I will be taking my camera for this years event that is happening on Saturday and Sunday. I will be attending on Saturday. Im hoping that the layout of the stalls and where you can meet your favourite celebs is done better this year.

My mate said that the people who are coming this year aint as good as last year, I feel that this years line-up is really cool, with some of the Red Dwarf Cast, Doctor Who, Heroes, Star Wars and other brilliant shows and films are going to be there which is awesome.

I hope I can do some filming and hopefully will be in a video in the future.

Im so looking forward to Saturday.

OK Finally thought I'll leave you on something done by my friend Alan (TEMPHUiBIS), this is so random -

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