Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Laptop Back = Burst Of Energy

Hey Guys

I feel really happy today that I got my Laptop back quicker than expected. Really surprised me, thought I would have to wait until next week for my laptop back. But once I got it back, My energy came back which is awesome.

Why do I feel this way about a laptop. It is true what I said in My Barry Aldridge Asks (9) video it is a thing that I can not live without. I had to install the basics into the laptop again which didnt take too much time.

Once I got the Internet going, I have been non-stop with the laptop, its shocking. Its like when I first bought it. Never thought I would be like this today, so I may use a bit less tomorrow. BUT I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE IT BACK.

I have been crazy watching Youtube videos and looking at Dailybooth pictures. I have left comments like hell. I havent been using Dailybooth that much lately but today whoa I was like on fire. Thats great to have something back quickly.

My ideas are starting to come back and hopefully more great things to come.

I know some people think Im a pain to keep on about my laptop but I think of it as a big deal to me.

I hope my energy on the Internet will keep going.

See ya for now



el director! said...

excellent to see you in a good mood barry - enjoy the laptop fun!

Bill said...

I know exactly what you mean. I don't think it is a bad thing to miss or to "greatly use" a computer that connects us all and makes our lives so much more enjoyable.