Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Final Face 2 Face of Series 1 + Why I ain't Blog As Much

Hey guys

Hows it going? Hope you are good?


Yep I have finished the first series of Face 2 Face Interviews with my bang and the guest was ME.

Now I wanted BillTVMacon to conduct the interview for the finale since after putting up the second episode with DoctorBenjy. I felt the first series needed to go out with a bang. I had no idea what questions he was going to send me. Bill send me the questions before I started to work on Billilovesmargot interview so I was able to work on another one if I wanted to but I wanted to wait for Billi's and thats why it took some time.

Anyway I loved doing this and it reminded me of what I first started to do on Youtube just talk about myself. Which is great and makes it interesting. So far I have had positive feedback from the interview. I knew that Bill did radio in the past and felt he was the best guy to do the interview.

Now I felt I had to pull out a lot and felt proud by the end like I said I had a lot of positive feedback which is great.

Why I Ain't Blogged As Much

The reason I havent blogged that much lately is because nothing interesting has happened apart from the same old playing computer games which I played Prototype for the first time.

I feel the game I have played for 30 minutes I feel isnt as good as Infamous which people made comparisions to but they are two completely different games which the superhero theme but they are different which in Infamous you have a choice of being a good guy or bad guy to find out why you were send to drop a bomb while with the Prototype your character is already dead and brought back to life to deal with the killers. The superheroes are different too so stop making comparisions.

The graphics are really cool in Prototype but loses touches a bit after a while. Im going to play Ghostbusters soon after finishing watching Angel Season 2.

Speaking about Angel, It is a much better series than I first expected. A lot more darker than Buffy but I think its the key to its success. At certain points it is better than Buffy on some scripts. I have watched some of Series 5 early because it has Spike as a main character and it brings a lot of humour.

So excited about Saturday going somewhere new which is Bath Spa. Some people are sick of me mentioning it but to me this is a BIG DEAL to go somewhere new. I love new places to go. I saw a few videos about Bath Spa that made me interested.

Heres an extra video from The VisitBath Youtube Channel

City Of Bath Video

I will do an entry when I get back from Bath on Saturday.

Anyway take it easy guys

Catch ya next time.


EDIT (6/8/09 5:30pm GMT) - I was reading AlanDistro's Blog and I noticed this eariler on Youtube I couldnt believe it PLEASE READ AND SPREAD THE WORD - How Youtube Is Hiding The Videos You Want To See

Im in shock with Youtube at the moment, its a good thing Im taking a break from video making for a bit.

EDIT (7/8/09 7:30am GMT) - Alan has removed his blog post because Youtube are now fixing the problem with the subscription box.

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el director! said...

A very cool Face-2-Face, and loved the final quick fire questions. Enjoy your trip to Bath!