Tuesday, September 01, 2009

One Down & One Go + Shrek

Hey Guys

I had a really good day on Saturday at Summer In The City. As a big gathering went it was the best one I have been to and it was really good day. I have done a couple of videos which was one at the Apple Store on the evening just after I left Hyde Park

The Second Video I did was the main vlog talking about the whole experience.

The videos explain it best about my day at the gathering.

God Im getting shit at writing blogs now.

Anyway as the title explains that there is gathering coming up this Saturday and it is in Bristol being organised by JacobDyerMedia. I am really looking forward to the gathering. Here's the gathering video done by Jacob Dyer and Chris Lomas (Lomasca), its a really funny video and well done to both of them.

The Bristol gathering was my favourite from last year and I know its going to be the same. I know that Gary (CheekTV), John (StressedTechnican), James, Sophie (Sophink91) - Maybe and some others will be coming.

When I was thinking about the Bristol Gathering and last years gathering the first thing I thought of was NSG's Video of the gathering and I regard it as the best gathering video ever.

It symbolize the day best.

I will be taking along my camera for the event as I have been taking my camera on a lot of travels lately which is brilliant.

OK soon as I got home from the gathering, the very next day I decided to watch Shrek for the first time in ages and I have to say it was brilliant to watch.

One of my favourites up there with the Classic Disney Stories and some of the Pixar films.

Well thats it for now, Im starting to realise Im not good at writing blogs at the moment, may need to get back into practice.

Anyway for anyone coming to Bristol on Saturday I will see you then if not It could be awhile before I go to another gathering.

Speak Soon



Gary + Cheeky said...

Great times...I'll see you on Sat!!!!! x

el director! said...

cool vids B