Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Job and Im not Youtube Famous but Im part of the Underground crowd I think

Hey guys

Before I begin I want you to check out a music video from my friend Alan (TEMPHUiBIS) who has produced an outstanding music video for his first single off his 2nd album. I thought it was so worth the wait.

Pulsariffic Current Music Video


Im feeling really good lately as few things have been happening. OK first of all I mentioned it on Twitter, Dailybooth and Facebook that I got a new part time job with Tescos Express which I work 3 days a week which is fantastic, as I really need the money lately. Its an all round job doing a lot of stuff which is great for my CV when it comes to looking for other work in the future if I want to pursue other work after beening with them for a while.

This is going to be the only entry I talk about the job as I rather focus on talking about other things within my blog unless it is something really important news with the job.


Ok with this part I had some real thinking. I have come to include I am part of the underground crowd on Youtube. I know a lot of you are going to say that Im crazy to say that but there are some points I should mention

1) I dont do videos all the time talking about whats going on in the Youtube community whether its a type of drama going on or a album that has been released by a Youtube musician that I got through the post but there will be a time I will do that.

Especially with my friend Bill aka Dr Noise releasing his EP with DFTBA in the next couple of weeks, Im really excited for that and mentioned that to Bill as well.

2) I talk and do all kinds of things with my videos and not stick to one format all the time. I am a nerdfighter and proud to be but sometimes I like to do videos talking or doing other things like one video will be a Face 2 Face, another would be a Barry Aldridge Asks or Update vlog to tell people whats going on.

Now Charlie was talking about users who have been on Youtube for years and dont have a lot of subscribers on an exclusive BlogTV show he did the other week and I thought I'll chime in and say "Im Underground I think" but Charlie doesnt think Im underground which I can understand his reason because of the attention I got from the community in the past which is great. Now here is my reason for saying Im underground that I dont get real attention on the Internet in general as I may have 3000 subscribers but only getting 10-20% of them watching regularly as it could be down to a number of reasons. Im also a bit more focused on doing IRL stuff lately.

Im not a fan of the phrase "Youtube Famous" as some people say Im one when I know I am not. The reason I dont like it as Im worried I could get an ego with it. Sometimes I do let my ego go and I know everyone does and we should be proud of it at times but there is a time in my life where I dont want to have a big ego. If I was 18 If someone said to me Im this famous, I would shout it from the rooftop, so its true that when you get older you get greater wisdom. So please dont call me Youtube Famous as part of me dies and it makes me sad + miserable with the Internet this also connects with my theory with me being underground.

I want to ask a question to you

What is Underground and what is mainstream to you? Its because of all have different opinions on what we believe.


Today is a good day on Youtube website on the UK and Global Front Pages.

The Chartjackers Project that is managed by Charlie, Alex, Jimmy and Johnny to try to get a single to number 1 by the time Children In Need comes about has been featured on the front page on the UK Site of Youtube.

DFTBA Records has also been featured on Youtube but on the Global Front Page which is fantastic news, I think it is a fantastic label to get musicians out who really need help on getting people to listen to their music. The Label is Managed by Hank Green (Vlogbrothers) and Alan (Fallofautumndistro).

Heres some videos of DFTBA Records.


Can't by Alan Lastufka (Fallofautumndistro) and Tom Milsom (Hexachordal)

Holding On Alex Day (Nerimon)


One more final note one of my eariler videos from the Summer "Worthing Birdman Dairy Day 1" has been promoted by Youtube which is excellent news as I really like that video but I wished they promoted the Day 2 as well. Thanks again Youtube and thanks to DirectorToby and MyNameIsChrisYeah for pointing this out to me via comments while I was in Brighton the other day in the apple store of all places.

OK I got to go guys have a great week.

Speak soon



Dave said...

I wouldn't go so far as underground... I think what you have is a 'cult' following. Like Donnie Darko or Ferris Bueller!

el director! said...

congrats on the new job!