Thursday, October 01, 2009

October 1st: Introduction to Blog Every Day October (BEDO)

Hey Guys

I decided to set up a challenge for myself and write a blog entry every day in October which is going to be quite the challenge to do. I AM NOT ASKING people to join in (sorry for the caps just an express a point) as I am doing this for my own personal use to look back on.

There are rules for myself to do this and I will look back on

1) I cant talk about family/domestic problems like my past blogs I have done not mentioning them
2) I cant talk about my job with Tescos as I believe what is at work should stay at work
3) I cant talk about the same thing for more than 1 entry as I have to express my points within one entry, if I change my mind on something or something else pops up then I have to edit that blog entry.
4) It can only be one entry a day.

OK thats explaining the rules done now I can get on


Some of you are wondering why I am doing this, like I said in the intro its for my own personal use and you dont have to take part in this. I feel it is a challenge for me to do this. If you dont want to read every day thats fine I ain't forcing people to do this, This is a personal goal I want to do.

I can talk about anything over the next 31 days and talk about them in an open and honest way that doesnt involve family, friends and work.

Here's what can I do

* Talk about things I have seen
* Talk about a story that I have seen on the news
* Talk about favourite videos
* Talk about reviews of films/video games etc

So basically this entry is about me explaining what I am going to do.

I will be doing a video of the day for every day this month in this blog not me lol.

Todays video of the day is Dr Noise's Rehearsal (Part 4 - Exterminate Regenerate performance)

Hope you enjoy the video

If you got any suggestions what can I talk about in October feel free to drop a comment, even you say it is a bad idea to do this lol.

See you guys/girls tomorrow



Gary + Cheeky said...

Things to defo mention are Halloween 31st and British Summertime ending on the 21st or...

Have a look at the other special days and events in Oct x x x

Stevious said...

Excellent, Barry! I wish you all the luck. I look forward to reading your entries!