Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14th: Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirt is Out Now

Hey Guys

This is the 14th entry of Blog Every Day October and I got some good news on the T-shirt front it is now available to buy for you to wear.

All you have is to go to your right above my profile bit and it says "Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirt"

Now the price for the T-shirts is £15 pounds if you live in the UK and £17 if you live outside the UK.

Here's some pictures of me wearing the T-shirt

I had 48 T-shirts ready to be sold to you as it is only a limited edition T-shirt that NSG and myself agreed on. Once we have sold them all there is going to be no more, thats it.

Now every 2 pounds from each T-shirt sold goes to charity and it is the National Autistic Society which is a UK charity that looks into Autism.

Im really excited and cant wait to get started to packing them out to you guys.

I did a secret on the spot promotion without mentioning it in my latest Face 2 Face interview with Smivadee if you notice me asking the questions bits.

Speaking about this Face 2 Face Interview, Smivadee is one of my favourite guys on Youtube and a top guy to meet. When I asked him if he wanted to do it, I was so glad and I posted him a lot of different questions like I did with Ivens (Badm4ths) which was cool.

When I got his footage it was in great quality and I was able to watch it in Quicktime once I put it in my editing software it had a problem for some reason the picture and sound went out of sync so I got upset about it and then I decided to upload Smivs interview footage on another video sharing and used Videoget to download them in WMV which was cool and worked in sync in the editing software then suddenly another problem which was the sound cut out at certain points, lucky though I had the audio from the MOV version of the interview and put in some of the mov to make look like it had a flow without it cutting out at certain points which was cool and ended up the interview above.

I feel really happy about this interview and I feel its one of my favourites.

OK Finally video of the day goes to one of my favourite vloggers on Youtube and its DigitilSoul who did this video called "Bold behind the Mask"

Watch the video it explains better than I ever could.

Thats it for now


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Dr. Noise said...

congrats on the T-Shirts Barry! I so want one. :)