Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th: Operation Aftermath & DJ Hero (First Play)

Hey Guys

This is the 30th entry of Blog Every Day October

OK Today I had my operation on my teeth today which the original plan was to remove two teeth when I went to the dentist clinic today and I was nervous and when I went into the clinic I was nervous with the injections but got there in the end.

In the end they had to remove three teeth which included another wisdom tooth that had to go too, I was so numb for a while and where the teeth were originally there are in pain during the day. Im feeling fine now.

Its strange that I recovered a lot quicker than I thought, I thought I would be in bed all day but I was able to stay up and about after my mouth finishing staying numb from the injections.

Afterwards when I got back home I got DJ Hero via courier and this picture has been put on my dailybooth

The Other picture is showing inside the Case/Table.

Once I was able to get the game up and running I started to get hooked, on a first couple of plays, I think it is a brilliant game, defintely one of my games of the year. It seems to be more of a challenge than guitar hero where you have to remember more stuff to do like the Euphoria button, fader and waving the sounds about. The scratching at first is difficult but I got to master it very quickly.

Here's a picture of me trying out also shown on Dailybooth

I have completed the tutorial (Beginners Level) to proceed to play the game and sets. I got through the first couple of playlists and its awesome stuff. I love this game and cant wait to review it. My grip at the moment which is something people will agree on is the price £99 for the normal edition and £125 to £150 for the Renegade Edition but it didnt stop me although it is an early christmas present from the family and I love them for it.

OK Video of the day keeping in the spirit of DJ Hero being released today in UK, Europe and Australia, heres a trailer promoting the game with Eminem and Jay-Z in it

Thats it for now

Last entry tomorrow



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