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October 9th: Hot Fuzz Film Review

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This is the 9th entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO) and I wanted to do a film review as one of my entries at least and today I have chosen a classic film to review and its called "Hot Fuzz"

The film is about Top PC Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is transferred from the busy streets of London to the quiet village of Sandford. Angel struggles with Sandford being so high on accidents and so down on murders and having an oafish partner Danny (Nick Frost). He finds out that there were a lot of murders going on in the town, the real action kicks in and gets a lot of laughs along the way.

This is one of my favourite films of 2007. It is written by the brillant Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright who work brilliantly as a team. I have always loved the chemistry of Pegg and Frost ever since Spaced which was a fantastic sitcom which I go back to watch every now and then.

It does have a really strong cast that help to support their roles Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Rafe Spall (Who I used to go to primary school with), Paddy Considine, Olivia Colman, Bill Bailey and everyone esle from the cast. It does feature some cameos from Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy who play the London Metropolitan Police Service.

The jokes and timing of them were spot on that they hit the correct points which I see in a lot of comedy films they fail to do that and Im glad that Pegg made the transition from TV to film brilliantly, which I think he has done a better job than Gervais.

The only problem I had Hot Fuzz is that it goes go over the top at times and at times it was a bit graphic some of the violence but if you think about it. Its a comedy film not to be taken seriously like a lot of the action American films. I heard the police complained about Hot Fuzz which I find wrong and I thought they would see the funny side but I was wrong shame.

Overall its a brilliant film you should buy on DVD and its coming out on Blu-Ray soon in the UK, I dont know about the US and the rest of the world.

Overall I give Hot Fuzz 4.75 out of 5

Now onto my video of the day I have decided to put an Angry Video Game Nerd video as mine because I really like his videos of reviewing past computer games now Im going to include his latest video which is the first part look into the Castlevania games

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