Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th: James Bond

Hey Guys

This is the 27th entry of Blog Every Day October

Today Im going to continue talking about James Bond. Now I have always loved James Bond no matter who played him from Connery to Craig, the role and character of James Bond is always something interesting to watch for me and a lot of people. The first Bond film I ever watched was Goldfinger starring Sean Connery when it was TV when I was a kid.

I consider Goldfinger a classic and one of my favourite Bond films of all time. Such brilliant one liners and the villians were class. I love the films then watched the Roger Moore ones and I became a fan of Bond.

I loved watching the Live & Let Die, The Man with The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me (I reviewed yesterday) and Moonraker after that I didnt like the Roger Moore films of Bond and Timothy Dalton was ok in his role, I did like Licence to Kill as it was so different to other Bond Films.

After a bit I went back to the Connery films and found them interesting to watch and really cool. When Goldeneye was first released I was a bit nervous because I felt the Bond films were going downhill but I wanted to see how Pierce Brosnan would do and he did an excellent on that film and he did the same with Tomorrow Never Dies. After them films Bond were getting dull The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

Then when Daniel Craig took over the role, I remember everyone eing shocked that he would drag the role into the dirt including me and how wrong everyone was which is great, I rather be wrong at times. Casino Royale was brilliant and took out all of the gadgets that Bond is famous for.

Daniel Craig played a more serious Bond which is a great idea for the Bond to go down, it is a lot darker than past ones which is cool. Sometimes trying to break the 4th wall is an excellent idea.

I recently started to watch the Bond films again when I heard of the passing Joseph Wiseman who played the first ever James Bond Villian (Dr No) and I got hooked back in watching some of Connery's films and the first 4 Roger Moore ones. Great times watching them.

Thats my summing up of James Bond films.

The Video of the day goes to Daveyboyz and its an old Talk With Dave with MakeMeBad35 and I really like this interview, so funny.

Thats it for now, back tomorrow.


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