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October 26th: The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond) DVD Review

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This is the 26th entry of Blog Every Day October.

I couldnt think of a topic to talk about and I decided to talk about James Bond I really like called "The Spy Who Loved Me"

The plot taken from IMDB.Com

"When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened to the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond joins forces with beautiful Russian secret agent Anya Amasaova. Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromberg, a powerful shipping magnate who is implementing a horrific scheme for world domination. Bond struggles to foil the plot, but Stromberg has provided him with the most lethal adversary: Jaws, a seemingly indestructible steel-toothed giant. Agent 007's adventure takes him to the Egyptian pyramids, under the sea and to a mountaintop ski chase that builds to one of the most amazing stunts ever filmed."

Now this is one of the best James Bond films I have ever seen and its up there with Goldfinger and Live & Let Die which were classics in their own right. I can understand that The Spy Who Loved Me was highly acclaimed by critics as it had a gripping storyline from beginning to end. It was directed by the brilliant Lewis Gilbert who also directed another favourite Bond of mine "You Only Live Twice" and it was really cool and gripping stuff.

My favourite came right before the credits where 007 was trying to espace from the Russians and went off a cliff and opened a parachute with the Union Jack.

It has one of my favourite James Bond themes ever and it was performed by Carly Simon called "Nobody Does It Better"

Im really glad that Roger Moore's Bond was able to develop a brilliant sense of humour which to me is better than Connery any day of the week. There was some great humour when Bond and Anya (Barbara Bach) and they were trying to espace from JAWS, a brilliant villian. Curt J├╝rgens as Karl Stromberg was also a great villian who wanted to destroy the world and create a new one under the sea which was different to see. This formula was used again in the next one Moonraker.

I did find it a little cheesy and how Bond dealt with Stromberg at the end a bit disppointing but still a brilliant film and loved the film involving Bond, Anya and the Secret Service operations of the British and Russians.

Brilliant film overall 4.5 out of 5.

Video of the day goes to NSG with his beat making magic with the Launchpad from Ableton.

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Dom said...

Hell yeah, Moore is a much better bond than Connery!