Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11th: How am I feeling about BEDO.

Hey Guys

11th entry of Blog Every Day October and Im surprised I have reached this far, Im having fun doing these entries, there were a couple of days I wasnt in the mood but lucky though I was able to do them.

I have tried to be very mixed with the entries whether it is talking about an event that is happening on a particular day or week, a couple of film reviews including one that came out in the cinemas a couple of days ago which is great.

Its nice to try out challenges whether you have done it before or its something new which I used to do blog entries nearly every day a year ago, I think when it comes to people not doing blog entries that much anymore I can see why.

It can really hard to talk about something every day unless you have a wealth of information on a lot of topics. Im feeling really good lately as things have been going alright and I couldnt complain.

I hate it when people complain over the smallest things if its over the size of the food unless the packing said something different to the product. I know strange example.

BEDO is really good for me to improve on keeping a sort of mini dairy for the month ahead.

OK an update on the T-shirts is that they are coming along really well and NSG said they are being made and should head to us in the next week which should be awesome and I ordered the packets ready for the T-shirts to be sold and I got to sort out one or two small things with Paypal then I will be ready to sell the T-shirts.

Good news is its going to be the design that NSG and me created:

Im really excited about games coming out this month and the top 2 titles Im looking forward are

- Uncharted 2 (Among Thieves)
- DJ Hero

There are loads of films being released on Blu-Ray before Christmas which is brilliant including Star Trek, Harry Potter, Transformers 2 and more. Good times ahead.

OK onto the video of the day, I have been doing another Angry Video Game Nerd marathon and I would like to share one of my favourite reviews from the eariler days of the Nerd when he was known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

OK everyone thats it for now


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