Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22nd: The Autism Bill has been passed

Hey Guys

This is the 22nd entry of Blog Every Day October and Im happy today that quite a few things happened and it was so great to hear and do.

OK The main topic is that National Autistic Society was trying to push forward the Autism Bill 2009 and Im happy to say the Bill has been pushed forward which is awesome.

Heres a video to outline the Autism Bill

Here's also a letter from NAS Chief Executive Mark Lever

Dear All,

Today we have made legal history. The Autism Bill has made it through its last parliamentary stage, and upon Royal Assent it will become the Autism Act 2009: the first ever disability-specific law for England.

The Act will guarantee a future Adult Autism Strategy which will put legal duties on local authorities in England to improve services for people with autism. The Strategy will be published in the next six months and we will of course continue to campaign to ensure it is as strong as it can be and makes a real difference to people affected by autism.

The Autism Act started out as a Private Members Bill, drafted by the NAS and taken forward by Conservative MP Cheryl Gillan. Over the past year, thousands of NAS campaigners (including many of you!) have contacted their MP or local newspaper to support the Bill, and it has also had the backing of all the major political parties and 16 other autism charities from around the country.

You can read more about the Autism Act on our website at Autism Act 2009

Best wishes

Mark Lever,

NAS chief executive

It does feel really good when you get to hear news like that. Now with this bill up and running, people with autism can be helped out even more within society.

OK quick run down of today and it has been really good in Brighton.

1) I met comedian Al Murray for a book signing in WHSmiths and what a great bloke and signed my copy of the book. Top guy.

2) While I was in HMV in the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. I saw the DJ Hero being played in action and looked really cool. I didnt have time to play it sadly. I am excited for next Friday. I just want my hands on the game and the controller.

Finally before I go to the video of the day, Im really happy that Fawn has bought one of my T-shirts which is so awesome. The only problem could be late arrival to her because of Postal Strike and will send it out tomorrow even if it takes a little longer.

The video of the day goes to Angry Video Game Nerd and its a new one looking into Castlevania II and Castlevania III

As a Bonus here's the original review of Castlevania II (AVGN's first ever review)

Thats it for now and what a great day it has been. Im glad I made it this far with the blog entries.


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Stevious said...

Hey Barry great entry! I'm sorry if I haven't really commented on them until now. I just want to let you know that I enjoy hearing what you have to say.