Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24th: Im surprised I am doing well.

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 24th entry of Blog Every Day October and before I begin my entry, Fawn (xFAWNx on Dailybooth & 0titch0 on Youtube) has received her T-Shirt today which surprised and proves the postal strike isnt as big as they say in the media.

Thanks Fawn you are a star.

OK onto todays entry which is only going to be a short entry, but Im just not in the mood to do a long one. So I thought I would reflect again on how I am doing and to say I am really surprised that I have reached day 24 and havent stopped, I thought I would stop around day 7 or 8 thinking I couldnt carry on but this world can bring you a lot of surprises and this blog every day October has been made me learn a lot which is awesome. Whether I learned that you can give something a second chance or I have learnt that I can never trust politics all that sort you know.

Its great that I was inspired from past blog every day projects that have been done in the past and its great to see myself getting motivated.

OK Thats it for today and I will do something better for tomorrow when Im a great mood to do other blogs.

OK Video of the day goes to uzoouk for the Dog Adopts Lion. I find this world incredible.

OK thats it for now guys. Speak soon


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