Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18th: Social Media

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 18th entry of Blog Every Day October

Today Im feeling better and I can do a longer entry.

But first here's another picture of someone wearing the Barry Aldridge T-Shirt. Today its AverseBliss from Youtube.

OK Todays Topic is Social Media and should schools, college and university, should their students be allowed to use Social Networking sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and others.

I was watching a video from Lamarr Wilson also known as WilsonTech1 on this issue.

OK Lamarr does bring up a lot of good points with Social Media that social networking sites have become part of our lives. I do understand schools that have younger than 16 doing this and I agree on this part. I do believe that schools shouldnt banned social networking sites but should put an age restriction of them, well maybe have people using youtube in school when they are 16 once they finish their big exams like in the UK we have GCSEs and exams are far more important to do.

I do see the problem with social networking sites that it doesnt do face 2 face contact that well. I think Twitter should be allowed in university if there was some questions that is being asked about important assignments. Its a tricky issue with social networking sites.

Now I did like Lamarr's rant about Macs. Now dont get me wrong I like some of the Apple products and do go to the apple store but it is nice to see someone rant about Apple because I feel it does get a lot of praise from Internet communites. I do agree that you can't customize your Apple Products which Lamarr mentioned in the video.

I do feel people are afraid to speak their mind on certain things, I was at one point but now I dont mind if people have a problem but yeah there are times that people will disagree with you on something. If someone agrees with you on everything you will automatically think of him/her as a Yes person.

Anyway Thats my thoughts on Social Media and Lamarr's video to bring up some points.

The Video of The Day goes to Angry Video Game Nerd again and its another one of my favourite reviews and its about Battletoads featuring Kyle the Guitar Guy who does his theme

Thats it for now and I will be back tomorrow with another entry.



Dave said...

Apple get so much praise because they're so fucking good.

Barry Aldridge said...

I can understand, they are good Dave. I remember the other week being up London with Myles, and he told me that one of the staff was really rude to him, I cant remember why but yeah mainly they are good people in the store.

But sometimes if you only hear praise from a company and not criticism so this does make some people skeptical. Dont ask me why but it does.

Lamarr Wilson said...

Apple is also less then 10% of the market, and that's the only choir of the church of Steve Jobs that you hear. Until they open up their closed platform & gain more market share, they aren't even good competition.

Great blog Barry; thanks for the plug. :)