Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17th: T-Shirt Update and First Look at Uncharted 2

Hey Guys

This is the 17th entry of Blog Every Day October, todays one is a short one because Im not in the right mood to write a big one.

OK Update on the T-shirts so far we have sold 6 out of 48 T-shirts and still got plenty to sell. I did receive some pictures from CheekTV, Jackey and NSG showing off the T-shirt.

NSG Music wearing the T-Shirt

Jackey Ramone wearing the T-Shirt

Gary/CheekTV wearing the T-Shirt

Im really impressive with the pictures that were send in and if you buy a T-shirt and want send a picture you to at

For details of the T-Shirt go here - Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirt

Thanks to everyone who bought one.

OK Moving on I have finally got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves today once I got home from work in Tescos.

I have say I only played the first couple of levels of the game and I have to say it is an awesome game, could be my favourite game of the year so far. The storyline and character development from the beginning is brilliant, Im really excited to play the rest of the game. I think this is going to be better than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

I will try out the multiplayer stuff later on if not maybe tomorrow which is cool.

OK finally the video of the day belongs to ResidentMikeLee and its about poptarts.

Ok thats it for now guys.

See you tomorrow when Im in a stronger mood


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