Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2nd: International Walk To School Month and my experiences of walking to school

Hey Guys

Welcome to my 2nd entry for BEDO (Blog Every Day October), Im writing this at the stroke of midnight which turned into the 2nd.


Now I would like to thank Gary also known as CheekTV for commenting on a number of things I could talk about this month and suggested a good website from Woodlands Junior School and the one I would like to talk is International Walk To School Month.

Walk To School Website

Basically its to get parents and kids to stop going by school by cars and getting them to walk to school. Now here in the UK we do have a walk to school week which takes place normally around May. Now the International one that takes place this month is more of a global event each year which to me is fantastic.

Now I used to walk to school a lot around my Primary and Secondary school days. I sometimes get a lift from my family which is nice. When I was younger I used to hate walking to school whatever the weather was, even if it was sunny. I was an arsehole teenager lol, as nowadays looking back I would say Im actually glad I walked to school, it gives exercise unlike travelling by car.

When it was walking to secondary school it took 20 minutes with going up a couple of hills and down one that was annoying but it was nice to take in at times unless I was late for school. With walking you get fresh air of it even though living in London it was never that clean the air because of the pollution around but it was good looking back even though when I was a teen I hated it. Always loved a good walk.


OK Video Of The Day is an old one from one of my favourite youtubers CorporalCadet and its a video that got globally featured last year called "Perfection"

So thats it for todays entry.

If you got any more suggestions I could talk about please leave a comment and who knows I could talk about it.

Speak soon


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Gary + Cheeky said...

Ahhh a fellow school walker, mine was only 15mins, but up hill...eurgh x