Tuesday, October 06, 2009

October 6th: I always wanted to learn Sign Language

Hey everyone

Welcome to the 6th entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO

Today I was looking at more of the special days or national days that Gary send me at the beginning and I found another interesting thing from Yesterday (5th) to the 11th is Learn to Sign Week.

Learn to Sign Week

Why am I interested in this. It is because I always wanted to learn sign language since I was 14 years old but never got around to doing it. There maybe a time when I may have a friend who has trouble speaking and may have to use sign language. I feel that I need to get this done before I pass on. If I remember to I will have some time to do this, at the moment Im trying to get used to my job at Tescos at the moment before I do this.

I always find it interesting to learn something new whether it is a skill at a job or something at home that I havent used before.

I think that people with sign language should be recognised out in the big wide world, as a lot of people will agree with me that no matter whatever your disability you can still make it in the world.

In a couple of days is National Poetry Day which I do as the 8th entry as poetry is something interesting to me and reminds me of rap music

My video of the day goes to DelaneWazHere who is New Zealand Comedian and makes great videos. Here is his latest one

Have a great day everyone

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