Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16th: Batman & Robin (Worst Film Ever) Review

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This is the 16th entry of Blog Every Day October and today I am going to be doing another film review and I normally I review the good stuff. Today I am going to be reviewing the worst comic book film ever - Batman & Robin

Now I remember watching this when I was 14 years old about to give it to one of my cousins before christmas to see if the video tape is ok and I watched the whole 2 hours and thought this was rubbish.

I decided yesterday and regretted to watch it again and I think its one of the worst films ever made. It does have a lot of comedy moments which for comic book fans they dont want to see at all but I didnt mind. I will admit the first 20 minutes of the film was good but a bit campy after that when the shit hits the fan.

I feel really sorry for George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred in some great stuff to be in poor outing of Batman. There were things that bugged me and it fall into the line what Cinemassacre said in his reviews of Batman & Robin

1) Batman saying "This is why Superman works alone" OMG thats bad
2) The Batman Credit Card what the hell thats not good.
3) The bad lines that the actors deliver as well, I didnt mind the puns that Mr Freeze (Schwarzenegger) delivered but it got a bit boring after a while

I feel adding Batgirl to this was a bad idea, I thought they could have done something a lot better with Alicia Silverstone who played her. I felt the Poison Ivy backstory was very weak and there was no plot with Bruce Wayne and his girlfriend Julie Madison (Played by Aussie Elle Macpherson) how did they end up together is something that has clued I wished they developed that.

I did like the Bane character because of his strength and not being the smartest guy. I will say I did like elements of Mr Freeze's backstory which showed how did he turn into Mr Freeze and how important it is to cure his wife which was nice but it didnt help the film too much.

I felt plot had none and had no serious character development, more aimed at kids.

I dont want to go on talking about the film now, I will say it is a piece of rubbish that was left out of the bin. It was more of a comedy action film than a serious action film which I know the they wanted to be serious but turned into a joke.

I give it 1 out of 5.


OK Video of the Day is going to Cinemassacre's Batman Movie Reviews which it is in 3 parts.

Part 1 - Which looked into the 1930's Batman and how it started + The 1960's series that made Batman a commerical success

Part 2 - Which looked into Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever

Part 3 - Which looked into Batman & Robin, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

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