Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19th: Animated Disney Classics.

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 19th Entry of Blog Every Day October. Today I am going to talk about Disney Animated Classics not including Pixar stuff

Before that the T-Shirt update is that no T-shirts were sold over the weekend, so that means there are still plenty to sell. I wont anymore now until there is further news.

OK onto todays topic.

I love the Disney animated films and have been watching a couple over the last three days. I have been watching Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats. 3 excellent Disney films.

I remember the first ever one I watched when I was kid was the Jungle Book when it was on TV then released onto video which I got christmas and consider it one of my favourites of all time.

Then I watched Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast and the Lion King (My favourite Disney film). After the Lion King I stopped watching them because it didnt capture the masgic it once had. I think that Lion King had reached the highest bar that Disney could reach. I did like Chicken Little but it was in 3D rather than the original 2D animation that Disney is best known for.

I have been going back to watching these classics and its nice to do. Im watching Aristocats again for 4th time over the last few days. Good thing about Disney films is that they are short but sometimes can be too short. I felt that Oliver & Company was a bit too short, if only it was 10 minutes longer at least I would have rated a 5 star classic instead of 4.75.

Lion King is my favourite Disney film and I did a video a long time ago explaining my reasons but it relates to me best that film because of the relationship with my dad and family. The film is like a big metaphor that I can relate to.

Videos of the day, they are all Disney Animated trailers of films I like

Jungle Book Trailer

Oliver & Company Trailer

Aladdin Trailer

Lion King Trailer

OK Thats it for now. I will do a blog entry tomorrow about Why People want fame?

Bye now


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el director! said...

I also loved the Jungle Book and remember seeing it as a kid. A great adaptation. Aladdin I think was the best of the 'modern' Disney films, but for me, I stilll have a soft spot for 'Basil the Great Mouse Detective'. Great post B.