Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th: What is Spam?

Hey Guys

13th Entry of Blog Every Day October and todays topic is Spam

Not the food but the phrase that is used on the Internet when someone is using something to promote their new video, picture or soundbyte to the max. Now I can understand someone doing this if it was something really important that has happened to the website or something thats going on in the world that people maybe interested.

Now this morning I decided to unlink my Dailybooth and Twitter for the second time and this time for good. I can understand from Jacob Dyer when I was reading his twitter that he got annoyed about people twitting their Dailybooth pictures and Tumblr Posts but the thing is that people decided to link them together which I dont mind them doing that, its their own personal opinion but if they are doing constantly then it gets annoying and then thats what give the idea as spam.

I can understand if Jacob unfollowed me on Twitter for the dailybooth pictures but it was because I linked Twitter and Dailybooth again but to me it wasnt spamming, If I kept on posting the same link of pictures over and over again, then thats spamming. There is a difference, lucky though Jacob did remind me to unlink Dailybooth + Twitter. I will only post a dailybooth picture on twitter if its something epic or important

I used to twittered my videos a bit but now I only do it once to twice like one for as soon the video drops and again if it needs it. My last video I didnt tweet it at all which is good.

I know we want to promote our videos to all our friends and make sure they do well. Now I am going to enjoy and relie on luck for the videos to do well and tweet if its something I really worked hard on like Face 2 Face Interviews. I do get annoyed when people/friends call you a spammer when you know you are not.

Thats enough on the issue of spamming.

We are nearly ready to sell the Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirts, I got the packets and now waiting on the T-Shirts. I bet one or two are thinking Im spamming on this lol. OK seriously Im really excited about this for real. The next time you will more about this is when I am going to start selling the T-shirts. Hooray.

Finally video of the day goes Angry Video Game Nerd again, sorry but I love this guy and reviews on bad video games they are so funny to watch. I may do another one of his videos as video of the day one day. Today its his 3 part review of the CD-I

Part 1 - Hotel Mario CD-I

Part 2 - Zelda CD-I Games

Part 3 - More Zelda CD-I Games

OK guys I got to go, I am thinking about redesigning my blog one day to make it look better.

Bye for now


EDIT - (10:30am GMT) Im still going to link Twitter to my 2nd Facebook page which is for Internet friends I know, So the Barry rnng Aldridge statuses will be all be from twitter. I did unlink it from my personal Facebook (original one) a while ago.

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