Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12th: My Love For The Westcountry (South West Of England)

Hey Guys

Welcome to 12th entry of Blog Every Day October, I wanted to do a blog entry yesterday reflecting on how I feel so far but now back to normal business and today I am here to talk about the WESTCOUNTRY aka The West/South West Of England.

I have always loved this area of country whether it was going away on holiday or a day trip visit if it was somewhere to get away to or a gathering which I have done for Bristol twice.

I havent visited everywhere in the Westcountry which I thought I did but I have been to most places even if it was a stop over whether to home or going to back to hotel where we were staying.

I can best remember of trips to the westcountry over the last couple of years. It included going to Newquay, Truro & Bristol last year and going to Bath Spa and back to Bristol this year.

I loved the holiday I had down Newquay last year, I was there for a lot stuff other than going to bars and having some drinks with my mate Arron.

The nightlife in Newquay is fantastic if you are in that sort of thing Im into sometimes but not all the time. My mate and I went to Aquarium and went Swimming on other days which was really cool.

During the week of the holiday we went to a town called Truro which had an old school look to it and looked great and we went to see Hancock with the family as well at the local cinema. Its great to walk around the town

Even though the final day at Newquay was raining really hard, I had a great holiday last year.

After that I went to Bristol for a gathering which was fun and have mentioned in past blogs and thats my trips to Westcountry last year. Then I went to Bath and back to Bristol again this year. I have mentioned these as well in past blog entries.

OK onto video of the day and I am going to go to a video done by the Vlogbrothers about the Puppy Elephant Defends Capitalism

Thats it for now guys


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