Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 4th: Barry Aldridge "Real Name No Gimmicks" T-Shirt Coming Soon

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 4th entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO), at the end of Yesterday's I said I will be mentioning something once it has been confirmed.

Watch this video and then read on

Basically by the title there is going to be a Barry Aldridge "Real Name No Gimmicks" T-Shirt coming soon. Now NSG and myself had this idea for a while. NSG came up with the idea at first a while ago when we met in London at one point then it got mentioned once the Bear Attack T-Shirts were starting to sell and then finally before NSG got to do his act on the night he mentioned it again and he said he needed help with the business ie with the packing and thought I always wanted to do this as a one off thing, it could happen again who knows.

So we got to start with our master plan to sell 50 T-shirts of Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks, we started off with making some calls to family to see if I was to do this and I got the green light if I didnt get the green light I wouldnt be doing this blog entry.

Once that was out of the way we decided to work on the design of the T-shirt at first we went with the white and the saying but it didnt work that we decided to Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks plus a picture of me and NSG decided to use the one of me in a suit which was cool. We both thought it needed to be a different colour the T-shirt so since it was going to be my T-shirt I suggested Red as it is my favourite colour and went ahead as planned then NSG suggested to make my Picture of the suit and black/white it which was awesome. So it came out like this.

I really happy for the design and the same with NSG as he likes it. It should out really soon. I do need some of NSGs help when it comes to the paypal but thats it really.

The idea for the T-shirt prices could be the same as the Bear Attack T-shirts. It is going to be sold worldwide for people who live outside the UK. It is going to be a limited edition T-Shirt like I said with 50 T-shirts sold.

I will do a video in the future once I have the T-shirts ready to sell.

Im so excited with this project that I am doing with NSG.

I will be back again tomorrow with another entry.


EDIT (4th October 8:30pm GMT) - I forgot about video of the day and it goes to Myles Dyer for his BBC interview Robert Lwellyen which is fantastic

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