Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23rd: I Don't Like Politics

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 23rd entry of Blog Every Day October, I was a bit worried this morning that Blogger wasnt working properly I know strange ha. It had some error messages but it was ok in the end thank goodness. I only got time to do an entry this morning.

I forgot to mention I was in the latest DFTBA newsletter send by e-mails the other day for my review of Dr Noise's EP. Thanks again DFTBA. Aslo I would like to thank Fawn for retweeting my blog yesterday about the Autism Bill 2009 being passed.

Todays entry is a bit over the top in my books. Its about all about Politics I HATE IT SO MUCH.

I think any type of politics whether it is in parliament or any form of business is never a good thing at all.

I cant stand how people would use politics to try to suit their own needs and egos, which makes me depise the world at times. I hate how our politicans whether it be Labour, Conversative, Lib Dems or other parties are acting childish in the House of Commons. It makes me wonder if they are going to go forward and stay stuck in time with the childish attitudes. Thats what I said on Twitter based on British Politics.

Now when it was announced that the BNP were going to be on Question Time last night, I was really shocked and decided not to watch it because they are another party who think they know what to do but dont really and they are racists that would destroy the UK as we know.

I felt anyone watched Question Time was falling into a trap giving the BNP publicity that they want. So what I did last night is I went to CheekTV's blogtv and chilled out there for a bit and it was nice to see Ian's shed (iiarando) which was really cool.

The only politics that seem to interest me is whats going with Barack Obama as I feel he can bring a change to the world and his words speak of passion like politicans of the past. I wish there are more honest and willing politicans who can help change what we got today.

Thats enough talk of politics makes me mad talking about it but at least I got it out in the open.

Anyway the video of the day goes to Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers with the The Top 10 Greatest Hoaxes of All Time. There are some really good ones in there.

Thats it for now guys

Speak soon


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el director! said...

politicians worldwide are there for one thing - to line their own pockets.