Saturday, October 03, 2009

October 3rd - Trip to London Town to see friends and NSG Gig

Hey Guys

Welcome to my third entry of Blog Every Day October and today I thought I'll tell you about my trip to London and as I am writing this Im at NSGs after only having 4 hours kip. I drank a lot of coke last night.

Lets move on OK I had a bit of a good start to the day when I woke up from the worst sleep and got my Mr Bean DVDs that I had been waiting for. I got the live action DVDs for quite a lot off. Anyway I was filming my bits for the new series of Face 2 Face and the guest was MyNameIsChrisYeah who I did a chinwag.

In this edition of Face 2 Face we collabrated together to make it a really good start to the series. Once I had done the filming I was pretty tight on time to do the editing and putting it up on Youtube so then I could go up and meet Danny Tee (JumpNBounce). Lucky though I was able to complete everything before I had to catch my train.

So here is the interview with MyNameIsChrisYeah

Now it was 1 o'clock and I was to get the train to London Victoria on the way to meet Danny and I had to get a travelcard for the trip around London and getting to the gig later on. I met Danny at Trafagular Square by the lions and headed on the way to Leicester Square to meet Myles and Amy (Who is helping Myles with some photo shoots, I dont know what for) in the Pizza Hut and chatted for a bit then went off to the Apple Store.

At the apple store I was checking on e-mail messages and did an apple store with Danny and Myles who came for a bit Apple Store With JumpNBounce (featuring Blade376) . While at the store I met up with someone who worked in GDB in which I did a trial for 2 weeks now working for the Apple Store and he told me that most people lost their jobs after I left which I consider it was good that I was let go from it.

After that we had to take Danny back to Waterloo so then he could head home and I stayed with Myles and Amy for some more photo shooting they had to do which was cool then we were on our way to Liverpool Street for NSGs gig to showcase DJ Hero. Now NSG worked on the DJ Hero game and produced 3 mixes that people know about and here they are

Which are brilliant mixes, my favourite is Dizzee Rascal Vs Justice if you want to know. When we arrived at the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane Myles, Amy and myself were an hour early and met NSG later on and we found out the booth thing that was going to get people playing on DJ Hero wasnt working which sucked. We listened to tunes then around 11 o'clock in the evening NSG performed a brilliant set which people were getting into which was great. Good news is that people were to see someone do a DJ Hero demo and looked impressive. We stayed there until 1am and went on to Trafik place for a bit with NSGs family and friends and NSG and myself were getting tired and decided to head back to NSGs for a couple of games and get some sleep.

Thats my day in London and it was a great night to see a gig showcasing the game.

OK Video of the Day since it has been a DJ Hero theme I will choose the NSGs videos that I have mentioned and another mix I like below

Thats it for now guys, there is stuff I want to say but I will leave it for another day.


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