Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st: Halloween & Final Summing Up

Hey Guys

This is the final entry of Blog Every Day October which I am really glad that it is come to an end. On today it is known as Halloween. It started off as an American holiday then soon became worldwide.

Now I will say that I don't like Halloween at all. Now if I was living America I wouldn't go there and diss Halloween because it is an American holiday but now it is getting popular in the UK has upset me a bit. I don't mind little kids dressing up and doing trick and treat with their mum and dad but older kids it is strange. I know people are going to hate me but I don't get what Halloween is about. Sure we do need a scare sometimes but I never like to get scared, I get it too easily. I wasnt scared too much when I went to the London Dungeon a year ago but there were certain points I did and that was cool. I hate that there are a lot of sequels to horror films like Friday the 13th Part 5 or somewhere higher.

I didnt mind the Scream films because the first plot had a little plot and was really cool concept.

The only scary films I really like is spoofs mainly the Scary Movies 1 & 2. Even though critics loved 3 & 4 I didnt like them as much. I do like the Wayan Brothers films better than the David Zucker's ones. The David Zucker had really smart comedy but it didnt gel with me unlike the Airplane films he did in the 80s.

I will watch all 4 films after watching Sin City which I got on Blu-Ray, going to give my dvd to mate Arron.

OK and finally since this is my last day doing Blog Every Day October I have enjoyed doing it going through many different things like Walking Day, National Poetry Day, The Barry Aldridge T-Shirts which are still selling, Reviews on films like Hot Fuzz & Batman and Robin, My Opinion on Selling Out, Going for an operation on removing 3 teeth and other topics. Im really glad I did this, its another challenge I have done and feel glad to do it.

It does feel good when you complete a challenge, its something unique that no one can take away from you.

OK onto my final video of the day goes to Liliesarelike known as Charlieissocoollike's Mum and so she did a great video involving puppets.

Thats it everyone I dont know when my next blog entry is but who knows.



Stevious said...

It is rewarding to finish a challenge or a project. Sometimes it is difficult to complete a project once it is set into motion, maybe because of lethargy, or outside interference. I'm proud! You did a great job Barry. And you know what? My greatest challenge is yet to come (with NaNoWriMo/Hometaping).

Take care mate!

rbrown2697 said...

Congrats on making it through the month!