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Scary Movie Reviews

Hey guys

It feels strange to do a blog the day after finishing my challenge of doing a Blog Every Day In October. It felt really good and like I said yesterday I felt really proud of finishing it.

Now yesterday after the blog entry I decided to watch some films with a bit of a scare but mainly comedy. They were the Scary Movie series of films. So today I am going to review. Before I begin I was surprised to get a reply from Musicfromblueskies on Twitter saying he would rather be in a coma than doing the Scary Movie Marathon but hey thats his opinion. Onto the films.

Scary Movie 1

Basically this film is taking the mick out of the first Scream film which I have seen. From the beginning to the end. The very first scene I felt with Carmen Electra was a bit over the top and very stupid. So the first 5 minutes not off to a good start. I felt the rest of the film got better later on. I felt critics never respect Wayan Brothers style of how they made films. I felt some of the jokes were flat at times but there was some great laughs. I still love the Wassup bit from the film.

I couldnt stop laughing at it and Im glad that it has its own chapter on the DVD so if you aint in the mood to watch the whole film, you can watch that one bit. The jokes were great but a bit over the top. I liked the characters but got a bit silly at times but I felt the characters got better in the second film. I love some of the pop references to it. I feel the Shorty character who is one of my favourite characters in the series was slightly weaker in this one than the second one which I thought he was a better character in.

It contains a lot of weed and sex jokes which a lot of people could find offensive but I like it, its different to mainstream culture while adding some pop culture jokes.

Overall I liked the film not my favourite but it was good, I dont why critics hated it but I think they dont understand certain humour which I was able to research over time.

Scary Movie 2

Now onto my favourite in the series totally fantastic. It took the mic out of eariler horror films that my family and cousins were telling me about. I also did some research before watching this to find out which films they took the mick out of. Basically its the same cast from the first film accept for a few people and they stay over a haunted house for few days under the Professor played by Tim Curry. The jokes were really cool in this and I love the sillyness of the film. The offensive parrot cracked me up and I feel the Shorty character is a lot more funny in this and I like it.

I feel it wasnt rushed as a film and had a lot of laughs which was great. Its one of them films that cheers you up. I will say that the deleted scenes on the DVD could have made it into the final film, they were so funny to watch.

I give it 4 out of 5 and its my favourite in the series.

Scary Movie 3

Right once the Wayan Brothers left the franachise and other people took over, I was feeling like Im glad they got a third one out. The critics were praising this film and I thought finally I'll get it on DVD and I did. It took the mick out of current films and current stories which was a different idea, I will give it that but I am sorry but this one is overrated a bit. The Jokes were funny in this but it didnt have the appeal that the original ones had. I love Leslie Nelisen as the president, as he is always good in the spoofs but it didnt take the mick out of horror films, apart from The Ring and another I cant remember whats it called.

I loved the 8 Mile bit where George was trying to rap. I felt the writers (I heard Kevin Smith was a ghostwriter) tried too hard to make it a classic. The Alien part was funny a bit silly which was cool. I think they did a little too hard but watching yesterday It was a good film but could have been better. The critics I think do hate on the Wayan Brothers a bit.

Overall I give it 3.5 out of 5.

Scary Movie 4

Now onto the final one and personally the worst in the series. I liked it when I first watched it but I felt the jokes and taking the mick of War Of The Worlds and The Grudge wasnt the best idea. At points they really tried to hard to be funny but it didnt work.

This is not the worst film I have seen but it is the worst in the series. I hope they dont make anymore of these films otherwise it would ruin the legacy that the first 3 films had.

This is going to be short but dont see this one.

I give it 2 out of 5.

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