Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun Times, Reviews and Face 2 Face With Crabstickz

Hey Guys

Its a little while since my last blog post and its amazing really because I was so hooked with Blogger last month because of BEDO (Blog Every Day October) that I was able to calm down this month. To be honest I am having the best month in a really long time.

My real life stuff has been fantastic with work going so well with Tescos that can be mixed but at least I am doing a job which is 10 times better than staying at home doing nothing all day. My mate Arron has got some temp work with Gamestation which is awesome and Its looking on up with stuff on the Internet that views for my videos this month have been really good even the unboxing of Modern Warfare 2 still surprises me. Since my last blog entry I have done 2 game reviews which both of them are different types of games and for different systems.

The first one I did is Modern Warfare 2 (Playstation 3)

Modern Warfare 2

Good Points
- Excellent Graphics
- Outstanding Voice Acting
- Special Ops and Multiplayer are both brilliant

Bad Points
- Single player storymode is a huge letdown
- Reminds me of a hollywood film the script of the story

Modern Warfare - 4 out of 5.

The second one I did on Monday is New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo Wii)

Good Points
- Reminds me of old Mario games
- Very challenging game
- Fantastic single player mode
- The Multiplater looks fantastic (I have only seen footage)

Bad Points
- Multiplayer is offline and not Internet
- Avoid using the Nunchunk

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets 4.5 out of 5.

Now with my next review I would like to review an old school classic game which I consider one of the greatest games of all time - Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo, the one that started it all.

I hear its coming out Friday on the Wii Virtual Console which I will getting more Wii points and if so I will do a review on this classic and gives some thoughts on how I felt about playing back in 1993 which I was 10 years old.

OK and finally I did a Face 2 Face last week and boy this one was a special one for me and its with Chris also known as Crabstickz.

Crabstickz is one of the funniest guys on Youtube and I believe he has a really bright future on the Internet. He comes out with stuff that would make you laugh all the time. Now on the story about how this got together. It was back last month and I asked Chris over Twitter private messages and he said he would love to do it but had university work to do for his final year which I can understand. So it was a bit of time later and when Chris uploaded his Halloween special he said he was ready which was to do this and we both kept it a real secret which was awesome.

So I did the questions and send them off to Chris and then I thought I would add Chris on Skype as well. When I send Chris the questions he said could he ask some questions in which I said yes and when the final interview he asked me my favourite film, favourite game and my thoughts on the Xbox 360. Which was really cool. I even spoke to Chris on Skype and he is one of the nicest guys ever. He was worried about the footage he send me because it went on for 11 minutes and I watched twice and thought it was fantastic, so came my part and added an extra 2 minutes to make it nearly 14 minutes and to be fair I was starting to get nervous about it.

Once I uploaded the interview onto Youtube my concern was how people would respond to it and it did 10 times better than I thought it did and it was amazing how well it did. Thank you everyone for the great comments and great feedback and made us feel really good.

Chris is an excellent guy and I hope I will meet him one day for a gathering and I felt this interview again is one of my favourites.

Thanks again Crabstickz

OK Thats it for now

I will write a proper blog entry another time just feeling excited with everything going on at the moment.


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