Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im in Flame Mode, Face 2 Face With WilsonTech1, Past video I did and Rememberance Day

Hey Guys

I have been doing really well lately with lots of stuff happening to me which is really cool.

Before todays Face 2 Face interview with WilsonTech1 which I will get onto in a bit my last couple of videos have done really well and its some gaming videos, which one of them is a review and the other is an unboxing of a major game that came out on Tuesday.

Now with the DJ Hero Review it took a bit of time to do with the notes I had to take for the game which took a day and so then I had to do the reviewing part and then the next day I did the gameplay footage and had some editing to do trying to make it shorter. I have put up the video on this blog before in the last entry and will do again just one more time because I am proud of this review.

The review has done really well, had some great feedback from a lot of different youtubers on the review. I have seen that the UK Editor of Youtube Jamie who is a really great guy to chat with and listens to the community for UK Youtube. Well anyway Jamie has seen the video as well when underneath the Jamie Cullum article it has recently watched "DJ Hero Review", that has made me happy thanks for watching Jamie.

OK then on Monday I did an unboxing video for the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition which I got a day early.

The unboxing only took 2 minutes and 30 minutes to put up on Youtube and got nearly 4,000 in 1 day. OMG. I find it surprising but at least the review is going to be good. I am hoping to make the review of Modern Warfare 2 by next Monday. So far it is a great game and the third mission is a bit distrubing but not a big deal as people in the media have made it out to be.

Now onto the Face 2 Face interview that I have put up today with WilsonTech1 aka SchoolTechTV

To me this is an interview I have been looking forward to since the start of the second series now originally I wanted Lamarr to be the first guest of the second series back in August which I send him the questions, then 12 hours he send me an e-mail saying he was quitting the internet which has surprised me and a lot of the community. About a couple of months after Lamarr decided to come back onto the Internet which to lots of people and myself is fantastic news.

When we were discussing the interview I wanted to see if he wanted to answer on why he left the Internet but lucky though Lamarr said he would talk about that before I even mentioned it, so we were ready to roll and send the questions again and a couple of new ones relating to why he left.

When I got Lamarr's footage back it was brilliant and his answers were great. I think he explained his departure really well, I can totally related to it as I nearly wanted to leave because I felt I was doing things to get edgier, pleasing everyone on the site and get more views but now I want to do things my own way and have pride in what I do.

To me this interview with WilsonTech1 is one of my favourites from the whole Face 2 Face series. Lamarr was a brilliant guest to have and he is a big fan of Face 2 Face from the comments I got from him, he is a legend in the making please watch the interview.

Do Check out Lamarr's Youtube Channel his SchoolTechTV videos are really cool to watch. I loved his interview with Charlie.

OK onto the next topic a year today is the day when I posted up this video onto Youtube. Barry Aldridge Asks (6) - First channel you ever subscribed to?

I felt really proud of this video and it was a good question to ask and got people interested including one CorporalCadet on his secondary channel.

He did a really good response and about a couple of days I woke up out of my bed at 6am in the morning checked on my video Barry Aldridge Asks (6) on the stats thinking they had gone up on views a bit and found out I got featured on the Australia, Canada and New Zealand homepages on Youtube, holy crap. Around that time I was just recovering from the shock of my UK Feature a couple of weeks before. It was a great feeling and it was at point where I was almost there with my comfort zone on Youtube, but I will explain more another time.

Today is Rememberance Day for the fallen soldiers of both World Wars. I do agree with AngryAussie on his video about that it should be a day to remember all the soldiers that lost their lives in any war.

I totally agree with everything said in this video by AngryAussie, well said Andrew.

Thats all for now


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el director! said...

loved your face2face as always, and yes, it is a time to remember the fallen. it is a shame that in the UK, over the past few days, the event has been used for cheap politics however.