Sunday, November 08, 2009


Hey guys

Hows it going? I was thinking about challenges recently which have been good to talk about.

I always wondered what is a good challenge for me and how do I go about it. I always wanted to have a good challenge and its something I want to do.

I always wanted to try Bungee Jumping but my fear of heights can get in the way and ruin it for me. Ah well. For people who want to know about Bungee Jumping here it is

Its like jumping into another world.

There are a number of challenges that I have done with the Internet which I thought would never happen

1) I completed a week without the Internet
2) Helped out with charities like Childern In Need in 2007 and Comic Relief this year
3) I have done two Project for Awesome videos for National Autistic Society which one of them got featured last year
4) Got Featured on The UK Front Page of Youtube
5) Got Featured on the Australia, Canada and New Zealand Youtube Front Pages of Youtube
6) Got Featured on The Global Front Page of Youtube (Special Thanks to the Vlogbrothers)
7) Got Featured on the Nerdfighters Ning for my Comic Relief video.
8) Finally been so many gatherings and had fun at them all.

I do have other challenges I do want to succeed with the Internet.

Im starting to do Gaming reviews as you noticed with DJ Hero I did 3 days ago and I have to say its doing really well, better than expected. Looks like I will continue down the gaming path. I hope one day that the Gaming editors on Youtube will notice my reviews but I doubt it. Who knows. I would love to get spotlighted in the gaming section which would be awesome.

There are other challenges I would love to do outside of the Internet like exploring other locations and going out more once the time off comes from my workplace.

It could be completing an old computer game that I hadnt finished like Super Mario Bros 2.

I am excited about Tuesday at first I thought I would get Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early but more likely I will get it on Tuesday, good thing is that it is a day off for me.

Im really excited for this game, I may do an unboxing of the game before I put up my next Face 2 Face as people will know that Call Of Duty games are a big deal. I may put up two videos next week, so who knows.

OK finally Angry Video Game Nerd's 3rd part of Castlevania games is finally up

Thats all for now


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