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October 20th: Two Reviews: Dr Noise's Silent Echoes and The Dark Knight (Batman) Blu-Ray

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 20th entry of blog every day and today I am going to do two reviews for you guys.

First will be Doctor Noise's Silent Echoes EP released under DFTBA Records and then second review is another look into The Dark Knight (Batman) on Blu-Ray.

But before all that I would like to thanks Ed (Eddplant on Youtube) on his great picture showing off the T-shirt

and also for doing a video showing off whilst he was doing a cover song called Use Somebody.

I also the love the quote he put in his description "Don't know who Barry Aldridge is? Shame on you."

Thanks Eddplant on being a star.

OK onto the two reviews rhat I am going to do today.

First up is Doctor Noise's EP "Silent Echoes" released under DFTBA Records

Before I begin Im really happy that Bill (Dr Noise) was able to release an album/EP with DFTBA Records because I feel he is a brilliant talent and Im normally not a fan of rock albums. Its basically an EP featuring 6 tracks that he has put out as youtube videos. He has done a video showcasing all the tracks so you get a chance to listen before buying which I think Alan Lastufka and Hank Green have the right idea here (They are the owners of DFTBA Records)

Heres the video of his EP do give a listen and watch the videos

Anyway onto my opinion of the EP I would say it is really good overall. I know that Bill has put in a lot of effort

1) We All Fall Down (5/5) I really like this track, it has a drive and energy to it which I really like. Bills motivation is matched with the music which I am really happy to see.

2) Addiction (3.5/5) Its nice to hear track which it maybe my least favourite on the album but it has some nice touches. The guitar riffs in this are awesome though

3) Judgement Day (4/5) The energy of the music is really fast paced and it perfectly suits Bill vocals. There are so many instruments playing at once and its really cool.

4) Sub-Reality (5/5) Another favourite from the EP. It has full drive into the music performed and the vocals of Bill. I like the backing vocals done in this track and keeps it uplifting. Well done Bill

5) Little Soldier (3.5/5) A change of pace from the last two tracks but its really nice. Its a bit slow to my tastes but its still cool. Nicely done though.

6) Regret (5/5) I love this track a lot, I like it that its just the guitar playing and has a different element to the whole EP. I feel this is the strongest track on the EP. Well done.

I feel overall this is a strong EP that should not be ignored by fans of DFTBA Records, I will admit this is the first album I have bought from DFTBA. Its a good one to choose.

Overall it gets 4.25 out of 5 (Well done Doctor Noise)

OK Onto the second review and its the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

Now I decided to give the Dark Knight another chance and bought it yesterday on Blu-Ray for a tenner which is a good review.

When I first watched it in the cinema back in 2008 I thought it was way over hyped and agreed with Alex Day (Nerimon) on why people took it as a big deal. I also agreed at the time with Charlie (Charlieissocoollike) that the first 30 minutes was really bad and I fell asleep during that period which I had never done for a film. I think it was because of the hype of the second film and because of Heath Ledger's passing sort of made it a big deal which I can understand.

I may have not been in the mood around that time.

Like I said I decided to give it another chance and bought it. This time there is no hype and I could really appreciate the performances.

OK I still think Heath Ledger's performance was brilliant as a Joker not as good as Jack Nicholson's performance but at least they are different jokers and not the same.

I really liked the first 30 minutes this time around, it has a great story structure and prefer Two Face/Harvey Dent in this one than Batman Forever.

I hope they do release a follow up to this because this time I found the film to be really good. I was able to enjoy it without the hype and about Heath Ledger's passing.

When I watched in the Cinema last year I gave it 2 out of 5. The 2 was for the directing and Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker.

But Now I give it 4 out of 5, its not the best Batman film I have seen but it is up there.

OK Finally Video Of The Day goes to Doctor Noise and its my favourite track from his EP "Regret".

Thats it for now


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