Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October 7th: My Opinion On Selling Out

Hey Guys

7th Entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO) and I thought I'll share an opinion about selling out.

Before I do that I thought I'll give you an update on the Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirt thing. Its taking a long to hear back from the T-shirt makers according to NSG as he hasn't heard a word from them and he is trying to contact them again, also it may cost a bit more buy because the colour Red so it could be a little longer to get our hands on the T-shirt.

Just a reminder for people wondering what the T-shirt will look like

Anyway I wanted to share my views on selling out today. I was going to save this until later the month. Selling Out is something that quite a few people dont want to do and that does include me.

Selling out and money are really touchy subjects for me as I never like to discuss business unless I know its with someone Im really cool with like for example the T-shirt thing Im doing with NSG I know its something we both want to do.

Now the issue of selling out to me is a little more complex now If I did a video reviewing a computer game and give my honest opinions thats not selling out. If I did a video reviewing a computer game, whilst being paid and giving my honest opinions then thats not selling out but If I did a video reviewing a computer game whilst being paid and I have baised with the company that paid and say its brilliant game while in reality I hated the game then that my friends is what I think is SELLING OUT.

I know that most people would jump at the opporunity if they were offer a part in a commerical as it could be one time deal only as I can understand that but with me I just prefer living a normal life as I can without any hassle.

I really like the John Green's (Vlogbrothers) video on what he thought selling out is

His Brother Hank also brings up some points about advertisement and that people have no idea what adverts we could be getting as Youtube Partners.

It is true what Hank is saying that we who create the video content have no idea what adverts are going to appear in the videos that I do as well.

So to me selling out is not a big issue when it only comes to a moral dilemma that I hope not to face one day.

Thats my opinion on selling out

Video of the day goes to CheekTV and BazMcStay for their Collab called Psychic. Really cool stuff.

Thats all for now everyone

Speak again tomorrow


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Gary + Cheeky said...

Excellent post, I'll be buying a Tee - and may even do a sellout video lol x