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October 28th: Reviews (They should done if own the product) & Chameleon Circuit Album Review

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This is the 28th entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO), 3 more entries after this one and then I am done.

OK Todays entry is about reviews and its always good to see people doing reviews, now I love to read a review whether if someone is being positive or negative about a film, computer game, dvd or whatever it is something I really like to read. If its a short review its great to read and the longer ones are even better that they give details on what they think about every apsect of a film or game and every track on an album which is great.

The one thing that annoys me about reviews is that people do them before the product even comes out or if they havent seen the whole film or if they only played a demo of a computer game or havent heard the whole album. It just really pisses me off some of the time, I can understand that they heard certain tracks but dont review yet until you got the album. I noticed this on DFTBA when people were reviewing only certain tracks. It reminded me and

I was talking to Doctor Noise yesterday about reviews and had a couple of jokes about it but when I mentioned that people were already reviewing Tom Milsom's new CD which aint out until December 1st he thought the same as me. He do a review of Milsom's CD based on he has heard the whole CD while mastering it so I can take Bill's review at face value, which makes me more excited for Tom Milsom's 2nd Album "Painfully Mainstream"

I have pre-ordered Tom Milsom's 2nd Album and Hank Green's 2nd Album as well called "This Machine Pwns n00bs", while I am getting Hank's 1st album over the next few days.

Hanks 1st Album Cover

Hanks 2nd Album Cover

So thats my summing up on reviews, I really dont like when people do reviews before they judge the whole final product.

OK Finally onto reviewing the Chameleon Circuit album that I got a while ago from DFTBA Records.

Now I was send this for free by Alex Day and Alan Lastufka, I dont know why seriously but thanks guys, it was nice getting it from you guys.

Here's a picture of me holding the album from Dailybooth

This came out eariler this year around the summer, there was a lot of hype around the album and it was great. I even send Alex Day a good luck message with the project. People were getting excited which I can understand I love Doctor Who too.

Now the album was getting near and when I recieved the album, I felt like a kid at Christmas and I have to say I was a little let down by this because of the hype. I dont know it didnt seem right the whole flow of the album.

I did like Count The Shadows performed by Liam also known as Littleradge, Blink performed by Charlie Mcdonnell, Exterminate Regenerate and Journey's End both performed by Charlie and Alex.

I wasnt a big fan of Ginger Chris's songs which is a shame as I love his Youtube videos.

I felt it was rushed as an album altogether, I felt there should have been more effort into the final songs.

I hope they are able to do something special with the second album, my final thoughts are an OK album but I felt the hype and some songs were a let down.

I give this album 3 stars out of 5.

OK Finally onto my video of the day and it goes to AlexTheMagix and its a project called "The Grange" and here's a teaser. Im even part of the project when it comes out for Halloween.

If you want to take part in it please contact AlexTheMagix via his Youtube.

OK Thats it for now.


EDIT - 1pm For some unknown reason my review of Chameleon Circuit album which I have done on has been removed from the site and I feel really upset at the moment. But I thought I will put up the review again which I have done with this screenshot.

Click on the picture to read my review of Chameleon Circuit that I gave its similar to the one I gave.

If this happens again, it will be a topic for tomorrows blog entry about Criticism (Can People Take It?)

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