Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bristol Gathering = Outstanding (WHAT A DAY) + Train Lag + Batman Arkham Asylum

Hey Guys


Its Sunday and its been a day since the Bristol gathering and had a brilliant day at the gathering, I have to say well done to Jacob Dyer for organising the event which was awesome.

I didnt get lost this year at the gathering everyone was waiting outside the station and this years one was more organised and had a good flow to the day. Although the rain during parts of the day and me walking back to the station were a pain but I will say I did enjoy the rain when walking back to Bristol Temple Meads Station.

I did take part in a Dailybooth picture with Jerry Cooke, Fawn, Cass, Daniel and someone I cant remember their name. It was taken at the Apple Store in Cabot Square, Bristol yesterday.

There was so much stuff that happened which could take some time to do a video and the earilest for it could be Wednesday as I have an idea for the Intro before the title sequence and its one of the best things I have ever thought about.

Here are a couple of photos I found on Facebook that included me at the gathering

It was thanks to Leigh (Luquos on Youtube) who tagged me in those pictures from Facebook.

Overall I found this years Bristol Gathering to be my favourite of the year and it was really cool that it took many different levels, it was great. There are some videos from the gathering that was upload ASAP by John (StressedTechincan) on his secondary channel and its nice short clips of what was going on.

I like the Gallery one because it had some great artwork and woodwork. Anyway It was a great day overall.

Vlog is coming later this week and the reason he doing it later this week is because of TRAIN LAG.

For the first time ever I am suffering from TRAIN LAG because the journey back home even though it took 3 and half hours it felt like forever going back home to Lancing. Im still suffering it now. Could be until Monday afternoon at the earilest that I will be fully be back to normal. I will be heading out to Portsmouth on Tuesday for some thinking time like I did in Bath a month ago. So Yeah once I get over the Train Lag and got the idea for the intro, the Bristol gathering video will be up and running.

OK Finally


This game is a game I want to get in the future it looks so good and I played it in HMV Worthing the other week, had some problems with what to do but it looks so good and what a brilliant game. I have been deciding whether to buy it or not because of money issues. I have been watching a few reviews from Youtube from IGN, The Gadget Show, ITN's Game On Channel and Youtubes own DigitilSoul

IGN Review

The Gadget Show Review

Game On Review

DigitilSoul Review

With the reviews being positive I will be getting this game indeed over the next week, people are saying not to get the collectors edition because the Batrang being the worst piece of plastic ever.

Im getting better again now at blog writing after saying I have been shit over the last couple of weeks.

Thats it for now. My next blog entry will feature my Bristol Gathering and any other videos from the gathering I know that Lomasca will be having a video from the event which I am excited about because I have seen some of it and also take part in some of it as well.

Take Care everyone



Dr. Noise said...

another great time!

Anonymous said...

it would have cost me £70 to be driven to that gathering, I don't think I could have managed the train by myself. Looks like a fantastic time better than SitC? Less people so I would have been so much better.... oh well! Great vlog Barry.

Take care mate.