Thursday, September 11, 2008

RocknRolla film is awesome and Back In The Day

OK everyone I watched RocknRolla yesterday with my folks and it was one of the best films I have seen for a long time, its really good british film that I could just sit back and relax to. I watched it at the Brighton Marina which is one of my favourite places to go to.

Here's the trailer to RocknRolla

Now I was watching Smivadees latest video called "I Remember When"

It made me think back about the memories that have gone over the years. I think back to the 1980s and 1990s as well where I remember the Nintendo Vs Sega Console Wars, Thundercats, Thomas The Tank Engine, Sooty, Rainbow, Stickers where you trade with others, Football, Rounders and lots more.

Yeah it takes me to think of a lot of things that happened in my life. Its great to think back through past memories. Its weird, the feeling of getting older is sinking to me, I know crazy Im 25 now and not 8 anymore which makes me feel sad but I have to keep thinking of the future in general Yeah.

May do an entry later.


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